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Hone Your Craft

See How the Sea Influences This Jeweler’s Work

Hone Your Craft 01/10/2019


Designer Savannah Watson is a master turning at what she sees in nature into whimsical, elegant jewelry. Since she grew up on North Carolina’s coast and now makes her home in Wilmington, the ocean has always been a big part of that, and her line Merewif is the benefactor. We caught up with the soon-to-be new mom and got the complete lowdown on how she translates what she sees into what she makes.


"I have had the good fortune of spending my entire life by the ocean, and that’s where I draw the bulk of my inspiration. In 2013, I cast my first piece, a starfish, that I still use for many designs like the Estrella earrings and the Varuna ring.”


Merewif silverlinkstuds 1
Silver Link Studs
50 OF A KIND .
$ 65


“Naturally, the sun and moon and their relationship to the ocean are constant design inspirations. This alliance of elements has been fundamental to my designs and has manifested in styles like my Beam ring. This piece is meant to mimic the rising sun on the horizon while also resembling an open eye with lashes.”

“In addition to the inspiration from found objects, I do most of my sketching sitting on the beach. The vastness of the ocean is conducive to a clear mind, and it allows me to temporarily escape the mental clutter of modern life. It’s a simple thing to say, but for me, it carries weight.”

“Nature is an obvious inspiration, and I also want to create things rooted in tradition with a whimsical element, the way old folk art incorporates earthly pattern like waves, moons, and stars. I aspire to make something fresh and clever that also has a sense of history and place. My most treasured belongings have a story attached to them, and I hope my pieces become a part of the narratives of my customers’ lives as well."


Merewif holmesnecklace 1
Holmes Silver Necklace
50 OF A KIND .
$ 99



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