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How This Designer Gets Skin so Glowy Strangers Ask for Her Routine

Thing of Beauty BY courtney conway 03/22/2019


Sade Mims, who spends her days creating eclectic jewelry and accessories for her New York-based line Edas, has the kind of complexion that causes people to demand her skincare routine. But achieving this traffic-stopping glow has taken work: Her skin tends to get oily in the hotter months and much drier in the cooler months, and she’s built out her climate-combatting routine accordingly. Of course, we were extremely interested in seeing what we might be able to adopt into our own regimens, and Sade was down to go deep.



“I definitely try to keep my dairy intake in check because I feel like it has an effect on my skin, and I also drink a lot of water since that, of course, has pretty big impact. And generally I really just try to just eat a balanced diet because what you put into your body comes out in how your skin looks.”



“My routine is pretty much the same morning and night, and I always start off by using a cleanser like the Rodial Pink Diamond Cleansing Balm, which is really, really good. It just feels like it’s really seeping into my skin and getting all the dirt and grime off of it, which is just what I need.”


Edas charcoalnimbusbag 1
Charcoal Nimbus Bag
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“I’m really big on exfoliating. I don’t do it too much in the morning, but I try to fit it in at least once a week. I like to use the Comfort Zone Essential Peeling Mask, which is an enzyme mask that helps to really gently exfoliate my skin. I’m generally a fan of chemical exfoliants.”



“Next, I like to use a toner like the Solavedi Organics 1000 Petals Flora Toner. It smells a lot like roses, which I really love, and it brightens up my face and helps to balance out the pH in my skin after I cleanse to help prep my skin for moisturizer. Use a toner!”



“I then like to apply a moisturizer with an SPF in the morning. Another Solavedi Organics product I like is their Saffron Rose Day Cream, which has rosehip oil in it. It protects my skin and keeps it really hydrated throughout the day. It also makes me look really dewy. I like to feel moisturized but also to look really glowy, so it’s the perfect balance between the two.”



“I also like to get a professional facial once a month because that really keeps my skin in check. My sister is a facialist, which is really such a luxury, so I get them done by her at Dermasaa. It helps with any extractions I may need and also with healing any hyperpigmentation I have. I do pretty regular facials at home, too. I love using clay masks. I’m always trying new ones, like Midnight Paloma’s Charcoal and Rose Detox Mask, and I also really love one by this brand called Oil and Water that I recently found. I use clay masks if I feel like I need some tightening or my elasticity needs a boost, and I alternate them with sheet masks if I need a little extra moisture.”


Edas startearrings 1
Start Earrings
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