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Got It Made

The Dallas Clothing Studio That Doubles as a Creative Hub

Got It Made 03/29/2019


If you’re looking for a reason to fall hard and fast for Dallas, try this on for size: “In this community, we help each other out, which is something that is really enlightening and new for me,” says the designer (and native Texan) Kendall Falcon. Inspired by all the creative magic happening in the city around her, she’s turned the office for her cool (and comfortable) clothing line Clan of Cro into a hybrid studio space called Cro Studios, which she rents to local photographers, uses to hosts art shows, and puts to use in any other way she can think of to help the artistic crew around her. Step inside, why don’t you?


“My husband Anthony and I had been looking for a space like this since we moved to Dallas in 2014. We finally found this place in 2016, and it was really the perfect fit. It’s located in the Cedars neighborhood, which is still growing and is just a mile from the center of downtown Dallas. The space is 1,500 square feet with white walls, concrete floors, four giant skylights for beautiful natural light, and a full kitchen for family and friend dinners. Very importantly, it’s also pet-friendly.”

“My Clan of Cro team of course works out of this space—there’s only three of us including me, my art director Corrina Mackinnon, and my assistant designer Juan Mendoza. We also have a couple Cro Studios members who are photographers and artists and use the space for their own projects. I have a separate office space for my own desk, tall work tables for drafting and sewing, and a large storage closet where we keep all of our inventory, textiles, notions, and packaging needs. The front space functions as an open studio space to shoot all of our product in house.”


Clanofcro amalfidress 1
Amalfi Dress
30 OF A KIND .
$ 195 $ 135



“We like to keep the front space really open and have made choices to keep the space modular. A lot of different kinds of work happen here, so it’s important to be able to transform the space quickly and easily. One exception: I have a piano that was given to me by a family friend when I was young, and I taught myself how to play on it. I keep it front and center in the studio because it’s great to sit down when I have the space to myself and play for awhile, and I love when other artists in the studio play. We do also keep art in the space—pieces collected by my husband and I from local artists that add personality and define our artistic point of view.”


“In our community, there were many local creatives seeking space and support, and we wanted to answer this by opening our doors and providing access to affordable space while fostering the growth of the Dallas creative community. Our mission is to provide a platform for those creatives to tell their stories and showcase their talent.”

“Beyond the space being a natural go-to for our friends’ birthdays and dinner parties, we host other events like art shows and pop-ups here. One of my favorite recent events was my husband Anthony Falcon’s art show titled She Said,  a yearlong study documenting the men accused of sexual misconduct in the #metoo era culminating with the Senate Judiciary hearings of Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh. This exhibition centered on a collection of portraits that exemplified the pervasiveness of sexual misconduct in the areas of media, academics, government, and law. She Said was meant to question the underlying culture that subjugates women to the sidelines. It was a really powerful evening filled with conversation on a topic we often are too afraid to speak about.”



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