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The Most Charming Studio and Shopping Street in Fort Worth, Texas

Stuff We Love BY katie nave freeman 04/17/2019


Carly Burson and her small-but-mighty, all-women crew at Tribe Alive pride themselves on collaborating with artisans across the globe, paying them fair wages to produce block-printed caftans and breezy shorts, and they try to keep that same communal energy going at their Fort Worth-based retail space and studio. Our small team of introverts and extroverts know how to get the job done and how to keep each other laughing in the process. We’re not just co-workers. We’re friends,” explains Carly. Here, she hands things off to head designer Katie Sansom to share a tour of the space and the places you can find this gang around town when they’re not at work.


“Our flagship store is a micro-retail space, blending our design studio and operations with a curated shopping experience. One of my favorite parts of the space is the transparency that it offers. As the designer, I have a front-row seat to customers’ interactions with our products on the floor and in the fitting room. On the other side, customers get a peek into every facet of our business, from calls with artisans across the world to team meetings.”


“We want every single person who walks through our doors to feel a sense of belonging. Everyone is welcome here to walk in, sip a coffee with us, and share their story or listen to ours. The space is reflective of our philosophy in the way it lets the products speak for themselves. It’s minimally designed with clean white shelves, two white clothing racks, and a focal runway table. We have always believed that well-designed, quality pieces tell a story all on their own, and that belief inspired every element of the design in our first physical space.”


Tribealive equilibriumblockprint 1
Equilibrium Block Print
50 OF A KIND .
$ 95



“We’re located in one of the greatest neighborhoods in Fort Worth, near the Southside District. It is a historical area, with businesses that have thrived here for over 50 years, but is also one of the fastest-growing areas in our city with young families and small businesses moving in every day.”


“We’re surrounded by locally owned coffee shops, restaurants, and bars. One of our favorites is Melt, a craft ice-cream shop. In the last year since we opened our doors, a ceramics studio Garret Pendergrass Pottery, a skateboard shop Magnolia Skate Shop, a record store Panther City Vinyl, and the cutest plant-filled airstream Grow Plant Shop have also opened up, growing the street into a fully walkable lifestyle shopping experience.”


Tribealive darkmossbittybag 1
Dark Moss Bitty Bag
50 OF A KIND .
$ 118



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