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Key to the City

A Stunning, Off-the-Grid Day in Galisteo, New Mexico

Key to the City 04/23/2019


The jewelry designer Annika Kaplan and her husband recently made the move from Minneapolis to a tiny area in New Mexico called Galisteo, south of Santa Fe, and living amidst the reddish hills has been a true departure from city life. But that’s exactly the point! See how she’s settling in...


“Our house is heated by a wood stove, and that involves chopping wood, keeping the fire going, feeding the animals. It’s really a country lifestyle, which I’ve never lived before. We’ve also been doing this two- or three-mile hike every morning on a trail close by, and it’s incredibly beautiful. Since it’s starting to become spring, everything is getting really green, so that’s been really cool to watch.”

“A woman named Priscilla Hoback owned our house. She passed away last year, and she was a pretty well-known Santa Fe potter. It’s been really inspirational living here and seeing what she built. It’s strange because I never knew her, but it’s kind of this ideal of what I want for myself in the future—like, owning a compound in New Mexico. She would host residents here, and there were just a lot of artists around. It’s very obvious that she would trade her art for other people’s art, so it’s a cool model for how to live a creative life in this secluded area but still be connected to other people.”


Annika vinebangle 1
Vine Bangle
30 OF A KIND .
$ 119


“Life is a lot slower—there aren’t as many distractions like there was in the city. There are other distractions because it’s so beautiful here—you just want to take a walk or stare out at everything—but it’s been really nice to be able to focus a little bit more. I don’t have to commute to work. I just walk across my yard to my studio, and it leaves so much more time for creative work. There’s also so much more time to take breaks and restorative walks. If something isn’t working out in the studio, I can just go outside and take a break.”


“I’m still figuring out how this move will inspire my work, and I’m giving myself time to see what will happen. I’m really trying to just absorb the beauty here, and I know that will change my designs with time. I’m really excited to see what will come.”



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