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Thing of Beauty

The Silicone-Free Routine This Designer Relies on to Achieve Her Ultra-Shiny Strands

Thing of Beauty BY katie nave freeman 06/12/2019

Collette Ishiyama is a master at making jewelry with both edge and polish, and she’s also an unofficial hair-care expert (take her aspirationally glossy hair as proof). So, what’s it take to get all that shine? Brush up, below.


“I’ve had the same haircut for the majority of my life, long with blunt bangs. Every few years, I’ll get the urge to try something new, but I always seem to come back to it. My hair is unruly and wavy, so at some point, I decided to just embrace the mess. I’m in good company, as author Jeanne Damas and singer-songwriter Lou Doillon both have good messy hair!”

“My most recent divergence was going blonde over a year ago. I’ve come to think of that as my Wayne-to-Garth transition, and it was really not a great idea. My hair is super thick and almost black, so it was a long and damaging process to get it blonde. My friend and colorist, Ashley Kowalski at Arrojo, is amazing and is the reason I still have hair at all. She minimized the damage by spacing my appointments out a few weeks and giving solid advice on keeping it healthy. She did warn me about how much maintenance it would be, but I still wasn’t prepared for it. I was constantly covered in either Olaplex Hair Perfector (which is truly incredible), coconut oil, or some sort of toning mask. I wouldn’t do it again, but I’m glad I tried it and got it out of my system!”


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“I have to wash my bangs every day, so I do that in the sink before washing my face in the morning and then I either let them air dry or blow dry them, depending on how much time I have and how the bangs are behaving on that particular day. The rest of my hair I wash about three times per week. I’ll usually just blow dry the roots and bangs and let the rest air dry. I try to avoid heat as much as possible.”


“A lot of the equipment used in jewelry-making is dangerous for long hair, so I end up having it tied back a lot. My friend and studiomate is a world-class french-braider, so sometimes she’ll do that (thanks, Monica!). Most of the time, I put it up in a bun with either a chopstick or an Invisibobble. I especially love the Invisibobbles when I’m working out. They’re like a sports bra for your hair since they somehow distribute the weight of your hair and reduce ponytail-related headaches.”


“I love Briogeo’s Farewell Frizz Blow Dry Perfection & Heat Protectant Creme and Don’t Despair, Repair! mask. I try not to use products with silicones, so Briogeo and Devacurl are both good lines. I find that I can’t go as long between washes if I use silicones, and also they tend to make my skin break out. Klorane dry shampoo is great as well.”

“The wet brush is a must-have! It makes me dread brushing my hair a lot less. Also, the Aquis towel is great—it really speeds up drying. I have one for my Persian cat, too! It cuts her blow drying time in half, which is nice because it’s her least favorite part of getting a bath.”

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