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Hone Your Craft

Take a Walking Tour of the Most Photogenic Spots in L.A.’s Silverlake ‘Hood

Hone Your Craft BY jasmine respess 08/01/2019

“Since moving to L.A., I have more time to look at the things around me, and I have noticed beauty in what seem like mundane things,” says Emily Reside, who creates linear ceramics under the name Emmeline Ceramics and made her way west in 2018 after a good, long stint in New York. “When we first came out here, I couldn’t imagine living anywhere but Silverlake.” Her work is an ode to California in vibrant colors and eclectic forms. Emily and her husband Alex Reside are both super-talented photographers, so Emily took us a photo tour of the spots she heads to straightaway when she needs some fresh material.


“The L.A. modern art and architecture tradition are a straight line back to my own work. I do a lot of angles; I do a lot of stripes. If I’m doing shapes, they will probably be circles, squares, and diamonds. The interaction of angles, shadows, and color are the elements that I fine really inspiring. You can feel like you have created something original when you can combine inspirations and certain palates from one image with shapes from another image to create something really new like this pattern.”


Emmelineceramics reddiamondcupduo 1
Red Diamond Cup Duo
45 OF A KIND .
$ 55



“This apartment building on Duane Street in Silverlake has this cool, architectural detail, and when the sun hit it, it gave it a cool shadow and scattered kind of shape. I think I am going to use it in a piece shortly. The architecture out here is so wild compared to New York. Brownstones are beautiful, but there are so many more colors and textures here.”


“There is a cool little restaurant in Frogtown called Spoke Bicycle Cafe near the L.A. River. People who bike along the L.A. River can pull up to it. It is a nice outdoor space. I was having lunch, and I looked up and saw how the umbrellas were overlapping. It was a very cool color story and shape story.”


“I have always liked stripes—it was the theme at my wedding. This is also outside of the Spoke Bicycle Cafe. The whole restaurant is covered in graffiti, and I love the detail of the art.”


“I like how this wall is kind of distressed. The yellow almost looks like it is a sun-bleached, faded yellow. This is outside a little auto shop, Montri Auto Repair, on Silver Lake Blvd.”


“The roads bring back the lines and are representative of L.A. Out here, it is all about the driving, all about the commute. Thankfully, I have been able not to get too bogged down by that, but you can’t get away from the interstate and the interaction of the streets and nature. It is ever present here and comes through in my work. I think my pieces would look really different if I still lived in New York.”

“This is the exterior of house on Silver Lake Ave. I think the orange and gray are a great palate inspiration. The colors and the shapes interacting are really beautiful. You see a lot of that in Spanish-style and stucco buildings. The material gives a lot of interesting texture in a subtle way.”



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