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Key to the City

The Best Places to Bring a Dog in All of Brooklyn

Key to the City BY courtney conway 08/28/2019


Laura Powers might technically work solo on her delicate, Brooklyn-based jewelry line Bruce, but she couldn’t do it without her 10-year-old doberman, Darley. The pair have been together since Darley was a month old, so they’ve had a solid decade to test out New York’s dog friendliness. “She needs lots of stimulation, so I've tried to incorporate her into my life as much as possible,” says Laura, who takes her pup everywhere from her family’s home in Maine to the Bushwick hotspot Win Son. Sink your teeth into the pair’s running list of borough spots.



“We go to Cup of Brooklyn on Gates where Darley can lay at my feet while I read and have my coffee. Then we'll head west and pop into Sincerely, Tommy to shop or Bohaus for fresh flowers. Then, on our way back home, we'll stop at LunÀtico, a tiny, cozy spot that has live music almost every night, or Kiki & Romeo, where they have the best selection of French wine (Pro-tip: Let them choose your wine for you.) or Turtles All the Way Down, which is dog-friendly inside and outside and Darley is always the belle of the ball. 

Another of our favorite spots, right around the corner from our house, is Lady Moo Moo, a walk-up, small-batch ice cream and sorbet window. We also love Saturday mornings at Saraghina for a cinnamon bun and ice tea on their patio and Bush Doctor for the best fresh juice to cure anything that ails you!”

 A stripey scene at Sincereley, Tommy.

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“We go to Human Head Records to visit their shop dog, Penny. I don't know the first thing about records, but my partner knows everything—so he's always finding the good stuff. From there, we head over to Win Son for scallion pancakes, pork buns, and rose cider on their patio.” 

 Win Son's bowls are worth waiting for. 


“First stop: the Catbird store. Catbird carries Bruce, so sometimes I'll drop orders or just come by to shop and say hi to the store girls—Darley gets a LOT of attention on these trips, so she loves it. Then we’ll head to Spoonbill and Sugartown across the street or McCarren Park for a romp then Five Leaves for a spicy margarita and fries.”

 Pup-friendly Five Leaves, home of the best pancakes in Brooklyn. 


“This neighborhood is super dog-centric—Hillside Dog Park is the best dog park in all of Brooklyn, and then we make our way to Brooklyn Bridge Park for that view.”


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