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Stories by hannah mcintosh

Stuff We Love

15 Books We Couldn’t Put Down in 2018

Stuff We Love BY hannah mcintosh 12/21/2018
Cover eoyroundups books2018
Maybe it's your goal to read more and spend less time on your phone/staring into space/falling down internet click-holes. Maybe you just want something to dive into RIGHT NOW. Either way, our co-founders are here for you - we've compiled the books they tore through and loved over the last year into one juicy list to keep you page-turning deep into 2019. READ MORE
Listen Up

Listen Up: A Candid Convo with Two of the Coolest Moms (and Podcast Co-Hosts) Around

Listen Up BY hannah mcintosh 03/05/2019
Cover afewthings hero1682
Are you listening to the Cool Moms podcast? Because you should be. It's hosted by Elise Peterson, an artist and illustrator, and Lizzy Okpo, co-founder of the fashion line William Okpo, and they both joined Claire and Erica on this ep to break down how they tackle motherhood, maintain their identities, and resolve conflicts between the two of 'em (keeping their astrological signs in mind, of course). READ MORE
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Listen Up: How Two Longtime Friends Created the Cheese Empire That Is Cowgirl Creamery

Listen Up BY hannah mcintosh 03/11/2019
Cover afewthings hero1692
You may not know them by name, but Sue Conley and Peggy Smith are the dairy mavens who founded Cowgirl Creamery, the famous Bay Area maker of such delicious cheeses as Mt Tam and Red Hawk. On this ep, Claire and Erica had the pleasure of hearing the full story, which involves a Steinbeckian post-college road trip, a stint at Chez Panisse, and - you guessed it - a thriving work-wife relationship. READ MORE
Stuff We Love

The Founders of D.S. & Durga on How to Create a Mood

Stuff We Love BY hannah mcintosh 05/03/2019
Cover david and kavi 2018
David and Kavi Moltz, the brains behind Brooklyn-based fragrance studio D.S. & Durga, make more than intoxicating scents. They're also masters of building a story and mythology around their creations. David develops the scents while Kavi handles the design and aesthetic for the brand they founded in 2008, and in the wake of their recent Manhattan store opening, we talked with them about how they breathe life into spaces and use fiction as fuel. READ MORE

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