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Stories by mattie kahn

Grown-Ass Dressing

The Long, Slim Black Coat that Covers a Multitude of Sins

Grown-Ass Dressing BY mattie kahn 05/18/2016
Cover winona1
In the world of wardrobe woes, there's nothing worse than feeling like you need to upgrade absolutely everything you own (while throwing a Toddlers and Tiaras-worthy temper tantrum in front of your closet). Let Mattie Kahn be your spirit guide: Her first year in the workforce has involved re-capping Girls, covering this crazy election, and figuring out the key pieces of her #adulting style. Welcome to Grown-Ass Dressing. READ MORE
The Insider

The Insider: Nai Vasha

The Insider BY mattie kahn 10/29/2015
Cover naivasha
Nai Vasha is here to tell you not to settle. As the creator of Undo-Ordinary - an attitude, a brand, a magazine - she travels the world motivating people to run better (and stronger) and to live smarter. She doesn't "Just Do It." She does it all. Catch up with her here (you'll need to pick up the pace a bit). READ MORE
The Insider

The Insider: Alero Akuya

The Insider BY mattie kahn 02/04/2016
Cover alero pic
We are in the season of just doing it. Now's the time to get moving, get happy, and take care of yourself. But you don't have to tell that to Alero Akuya. As the brand marketing director for Nike Women, chick hustles all year around (and travels whenever she can - see: Below, all the fitness (and pepperoni pizza) she gets into. READ MORE

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