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Stories by genevieve ang

Eat This

One, Two, Tea Ways to Brew a Better Pot

Eat This BY genevieve ang 06/16/2017
Cover l1019809
When Ronni Kappos is hard at work on her bead-happy, vintage-charged earrings and necklaces, there's one thing that sustains her: endless vats of steamy tea. As you'd imagine, after a decade in business (and brewing), she's elevated the habit to an art form. And while she loves a formal pot - ideally from Tokyo's Bombay Bazar or London's The Orangery - she offered to spout off about her at-home steeping tips, below. READ MORE
Key to the City

How to Pretend You’re in Japan in NYC

Key to the City BY genevieve ang 04/19/2016
Cover 1 mentoku
Tats and Ena Otake, both born in Japan, have lived in American cities like Los Angeles and Honolulu, Hawaii for almost two decades, but their current HQ, NYC, is their all-time favorite. When they're not making delicately angular bags and earrings, the duo fights off homesickness eating udon and shopping Japanese desk accessories - and with Tats as your guide, you can get in on the fun. READ MORE
Stuff We Love

The Seventies Inspo Behind Alynne Lavigne’s Jewelry

Stuff We Love BY genevieve ang 02/09/2017
Cover corvette
Yah, Stranger Things has us all feeling super nostalgic for the eighties, but Alynne Lavigne and Eve Tobolka, the BFF pair behind the metal-centric jewelry line Alynne Lavigne, are here to make an even stronger case for the seventies. To get in the mood to design their way-groovy new collection, they put Donna Summers on blast in their Toronto studio and got down with what follows - 'cause if you ask them, the decade is stayin' alive in a major way. READ MORE

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