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Stories by genevieve ang

Eat This

One, Two, Tea Ways to Brew a Better Pot

Eat This BY genevieve ang 06/16/2017
Cover l1019809
When Ronni Kappos is hard at work on her bead-happy, vintage-charged earrings and necklaces, there's one thing that sustains her: endless vats of steamy tea. As you'd imagine, after a decade in business (and brewing), she's elevated the habit to an art form. And while she loves a formal pot - ideally from Tokyo's Bombay Bazar or London's The Orangery - she offered to spout off about her at-home steeping tips, below. READ MORE
Eat This

The Family-Recipe Turkey You’ll Make at Celebrations All Year ‘Round

Eat This BY genevieve ang 12/05/2016
Cover 022516 sr ofakind s00 b3p9057 a
A few key things signal the holidays for Lisa Salzer of the vintage-but-better jewelry line Lulu Frost: opening presents with her family from youngest to oldest on Christmas morning, popping open crackers full of confetti, and above all, taking her first bite of roasted turkey, based on one her grandma Betty used to make. These days, Lisa does some bird basting herself when she's in a celebratory mood, and when she does, she hews pretty closely to the passed-down, never-fail O.G. recipe (which includes notes for removing feathers, just in case), and it's never once let her down. Try out the secret Salzer family recipe yourself and follow Lisa's sage advice: "Slow down and breathe. Stop and smell the gravy." READ MORE

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