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Stories by liz

29 Unexpected Wedding Dresses (and Jumpsuits!) by Amazing Designers

BY liz 03/23/2016
Cover jumpsuits and pants2
If you're preparing to walk down the aisle (or a woodland path or a courthouse hallway), there's nothing wrong with wanting to go all out on a big, poofy, My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding-style gown if your heart is crying out for one. But if off-the-rack is more your scene, we rounded up a slew of our current favorites (including pants and some colorful picks - because rules schmulez, right?). READ MORE
Eat This

Anna Sheffield's Incredible Immunity-Boosting Green Chile Stew

Eat This BY liz 11/06/2015
Cover red raven bowl 11
"The state question of New Mexico is 'red or green?'" says Anna Sheffield, who, as a Santa Fe native, knows it refers to something her Southwestern brethren take insanely seriously: chiles. Specifically, hatch chiles, a varietal grown only in the land of enchantment (no, really - that's the state's nickname).Here's one of the Bing Bang designer's favorite recipes, packed with the green ones. She swears it will help you fight off colds - because what's more enchanting than not needing your sick days? READ MORE
Listen Up

Listen Up: How to Send a Cold Email and Become a Design-World Hotshot, with Elizabeth Spiridakis Olson!

Listen Up BY liz 05/08/2017
Cover afewthings ep88sc 3 sc insta
This week, Claire, Erica, and our special guest Elizabeth Spiridakis Olson are doling out career and networking advice as if they had guidance-counselor plaques on their desks. Included: how to properly send a shot-in-the-dark email and ways to work your way up the editorial design ladder like Elizabeth, the creative director of Afar. Plus: a bonus early-fashion-blogger nostalgia tour. READ MORE

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