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Stories by liz

Hone Your Craft

12 Things You Can Learn to Do in a Day

Hone Your Craft BY liz 12/28/2016
Cover screenshot 2016 11 21 10.56.23
Skill-building: It's not just for your resumé. And we know you're, like, sooo busy and everything, but if there's one thing we learned from our brilliant, multi-tasking friends and designers in 2016, it's that there's plenty of delightfully distracting, useful stuff you can learn how to do in way less time than it takes to binge-watch Westworld. To prove it, we've rounded up some of our favorite modes of keeping your hands (and minds) busy whenever you need a break from friend drama or the news cycle get the idea. READ MORE
Eat This

Upgrade, Well, Any Food with this Garlicky Wonder Sauce

Eat This BY liz 01/07/2016
Cover recipes 2 copy
We're not gonna lie - when we first read the name of designer Rawaan Alkhatib's submission to our most recent cookbook, we didn't think much of it. Then we read through the recipe, and by the end, we were drooling all over our keyboards and planning a trip to the grocery store, stat. Try it mixed into pasta, dolloped on chicken, or schmeared onto bread - it truly is magical. READ MORE
Stuff We Love

All the Ways This Jeweler Grows Her Flower Obsession

Stuff We Love BY liz
Cover watering can
Erin Claus always enjoyed putting together her own floral arrangements, but ever since she started etching delicate botanical sketches onto her classic signet rings for her line Claus Jewelry, plant life has totally taken over every part of her existence. And you know what? She's totally cool with that. Here's where she finds petals to turn into metals. READ MORE

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