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Stories by liz

Marriage Material

All the Tips From Molly Guy, Queen of the Cool-Girl Wedding

Marriage Material BY liz 05/11/2016
Cover 1
Even if you haven't heard of Molly Guy, you've very likely been to a wedding that took cues from her NYC shop, Stone Fox Bride (slinky slip dresses and crochet veils, anyone?). Three years after launching her tongue-in-cheek brand - which includes merch stamped with "F*ck Weddings" - she's become a beacon for couples who want to do the walking-down-the-aisle thing, in a chilled out, you-do-you way. Molly shared some of her best hard-won observations, which she's in the process of cataloguing for her upcoming book about love, style, sex, and marriage (ya know, just the little things). READ MORE

Inside the Brooklyn Warehouse Where Rad Indie Brands—Like Kordal—Are Taking It to the Next Level

BY liz 12/16/2015
Cover 1 kordal
On the seventh floor of the massive Pfizer building in Bushwick, some of the borough's most talented emerging designers are sharing space - and new ideas - as a part of Pratt's Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator, or BF + DA. Designers who apply and are accepted into the program get workspace, sure, but also shared materials, mentors, and business experts (including ones that help think about taxes - because if you thought doing your own was bad, just imagine how much worse it gets when you're incorporated). Plus, there's even a cute lunchroom with killer views - it's kind of like a grown-up, designer-centric version of that high school from Fame. READ MORE
Got It Made

All the Messages Hidden in Christine Alcalay’s Mesmerizing Patterns

Got It Made BY liz 05/30/2019
Cover img 9976  1
"A lot of people don't know where patterns come from," explains Christine Alcalay. But in the world of this apparel designer and Brooklyn boutique owner, each print that shows up in her collection is part of a larger seasonal vision - and is custom-made by Christine and her team. So when developing our limited-edition scrunchies, she wanted to give her favorites a sustainable second life (and, um, hand-cut every component from scraps). Here's the scoop on the very worthy winners - so if you scoop up a hair accessory and the inevitable compliments start rolling in, you'll have the perfect "well, actually…" follow-up. READ MORE
Got It Made

What It Takes to Come up with a Really Fresh New Ceramics Idea

Got It Made BY liz 08/13/2019
Cover zokaceramics pierced cylindricalvase 2
Zoë Kantor might describe herself a ceramicist, but she's really an inventor. Through an intuitive process of R and D, the NYC potter created a technique for making vases and bowls that come with moving, interactive loops and links - a mix of functionality (you can use them as a handle) and ornament (it's like your vase got a piercing!). Hear all about what it took Zoë to get here - and where she looks when she's trying to get the juices flowing. READ MORE

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