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Stories by liz

Inside the Brooklyn Warehouse Where Rad Indie Brands—Like Kordal—Are Taking It to the Next Level

BY liz 12/16/2015
Cover 1 kordal
On the seventh floor of the massive Pfizer building in Bushwick, some of the borough's most talented emerging designers are sharing space - and new ideas - as a part of Pratt's Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator, or BF + DA. Designers who apply and are accepted into the program get workspace, sure, but also shared materials, mentors, and business experts (including ones that help think about taxes - because if you thought doing your own was bad, just imagine how much worse it gets when you're incorporated). Plus, there's even a cute lunchroom with killer views - it's kind of like a grown-up, designer-centric version of that high school from Fame. READ MORE
Eat This

Anna Sheffield's Incredible Immunity-Boosting Green Chile Stew

Eat This BY liz 11/06/2015
Cover red raven bowl 11
"The state question of New Mexico is 'red or green?'" says Anna Sheffield, who, as a Santa Fe native, knows it refers to something her Southwestern brethren take insanely seriously: chiles. Specifically, hatch chiles, a varietal grown only in the land of enchantment (no, really - that's the state's nickname).Here's one of the Bing Bang designer's favorite recipes, packed with the green ones. She swears it will help you fight off colds - because what's more enchanting than not needing your sick days? READ MORE
Inside Job

How an Up-and-Coming Ceramacist and Jeweler Sets Up Her First Solo Studio

Inside Job BY liz 04/26/2016
Cover screen shot 2016 04 21 at 3.36.15 pm
After years of cramming into shared spaces across Brooklyn to make her curvaceous jewelry and ceramics, Malka Dina's Elana Noy made the ultimate #bosslady move and signed a lease on her own studio in Sunset Park. Flying solo has its own nail-biting moments - "They just renovated the building, and I'm one of the first people to move in. They're doing construction above me, and I'm terrified the ceiling is going to fall in!" she explains - but it's worth it. See what she's done with the place. READ MORE

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