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Stories by liz

Here’s How to Buy Plants Online

BY liz 05/06/2016
Cover euphorbia
Recreation Center ceramacist Josephine Heilpern isn't quite sure how she became obsessed with plants, but she's in too deep to look back now. After seven years of filling every nook of her Brooklyn apartment (including her own sharply angled planters) with greenery, she's had to turn to the internet to find specimens she doesn't already own. "Buying plants on eBay is a pretty recent discovery, but I'm totally hooked," she explains. "I've never seen a lot of them in person, so it's always a fun surprise." Here's her guide to filling out your frond fam, via FedEx (it's weirdly like online dating). READ MORE
Inside Job

How an Up-and-Coming Ceramacist and Jeweler Sets Up Her First Solo Studio

Inside Job BY liz 04/26/2016
Cover screen shot 2016 04 21 at 3.36.15 pm
After years of cramming into shared spaces across Brooklyn to make her curvaceous jewelry and ceramics, Malka Dina's Elana Noy made the ultimate #bosslady move and signed a lease on her own studio in Sunset Park. Flying solo has its own nail-biting moments - "They just renovated the building, and I'm one of the first people to move in. They're doing construction above me, and I'm terrified the ceiling is going to fall in!" she explains - but it's worth it. See what she's done with the place. READ MORE
Listen Up

Listen Up: Revisit Six of Our Favorite A Few Things Episodes of All Time!

Listen Up BY liz 08/07/2017
Cover 052517 jenniferyoungstudio 11
It's finally August, and we hope you're soaking it up somewhere with wine and s'mores access - and now, to add to the fun, some golden oldies eps of A Few Things. We're taking a short podcasting break, but since we'd never, ever leave you hanging, we hand-picked six of our favorites from the 100 (!) we've got on tape so far. We'll be re-airing them every Monday - the list and some key takeaways are below. Just try not to judge our early sound quality too harshly, ok? We'll meet you back here with all new freshness on September 18th! READ MORE

Four Otherworldy Ways Fort Makers Styles a Table

BY liz 03/22/2016
Cover fmstilllife
Collaboration is key to how design collective Fort Makers operates, so when creative director Nana Spears suggested pooling the foursome's ample talents to create elaborate still lifes showing off our cutting board edition - which was handcut and sanded by Noah James Spencer! - we said, "Ooh, YAS." Our next request: Can we have these framed?! READ MORE
Hone Your Craft

7 Very Entertaining Tips for Low-Stress, High-Impact Dinner Parties

Hone Your Craft BY liz 01/05/2018
Cover ofakindxmollyyehbrunch 97
You might be thinking that party season just ended and are very much looking forward to spending some quality, introverted time with a takeout order or six. Which is all well and good, but we're here to make the case that throwing a dinner party having people over for dinner should be much more about catching up with your favorite friends without having to get a reservation - or even put on shoes - and not so much about nailing a 'gram-worthy, three-course spread. Here, seven tips we learned this year that'll make you want to gather around your kitchen table. READ MORE

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