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Stories by liz

Here’s How to Buy Plants Online

BY liz 05/06/2016
Cover euphorbia
Recreation Center ceramacist Josephine Heilpern isn't quite sure how she became obsessed with plants, but she's in too deep to look back now. After seven years of filling every nook of her Brooklyn apartment (including her own sharply angled planters) with greenery, she's had to turn to the internet to find specimens she doesn't already own. "Buying plants on eBay is a pretty recent discovery, but I'm totally hooked," she explains. "I've never seen a lot of them in person, so it's always a fun surprise." Here's her guide to filling out your frond fam, via FedEx (it's weirdly like online dating). READ MORE

29 Unexpected Wedding Dresses (and Jumpsuits!) by Amazing Designers

BY liz 03/23/2016
Cover jumpsuits and pants2
If you're preparing to walk down the aisle (or a woodland path or a courthouse hallway), there's nothing wrong with wanting to go all out on a big, poofy, My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding-style gown if your heart is crying out for one. But if off-the-rack is more your scene, we rounded up a slew of our current favorites (including pants and some colorful picks - because rules schmulez, right?). READ MORE

How to Arrange Your Own Wild ‘n Wonderful Wedding—or Anytime!—Flowers

BY liz 07/07/2016
Cover  13  1
Rose Lazar is a one-woman party-planning machine. As The Great Lakes Goods printmaker, she doesn't just design perfectly sassy cards and amass a truly delightful confetti selection - she also keeps up her talents as a former professional florist. She worked at Chicago's Asrai Gardens, known for their lush, freewheeling arrangements, for several years and still moonlights as a petal-pusher for a group of close friends. Which now includes you! Here are her tips for DIY-ing your own bouquets and centerpieces. But convincing Grandma no one wears corsages anymore? You're on your own. READ MORE
Listen Up

Listen Up: #ReadingThings with Emily Danforth, Author of The Miseducation of Cameron Post!

Listen Up BY liz 07/24/2017
Cover afewthings ep99 sn3 hero
We're extremely happy to report that our latest #ReadingThings book, The Miseducation of Cameron Post, really lived up to the hype (and you should know by now that we don't say that if it's not true). And, turns out, the author's as good at talking as she is at writing: Emily Danforth is officially one of our favorite guests, ever. Let's talk about those beautiful cowgirls, shall we?! READ MORE

Tiny (but Powerful!) Gifts That Fit Inside an Envelope

BY liz 12/22/2015
Cover 1 worrydolls2
You know what's even nicer than a holiday card? One with a little something extra tucked inside. Here, 9 treats you can slip in with your season's greetings and send off with a stamp (okay, maybe two) for a real under-promise, over-deliver gifting WIN. READ MORE

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