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Stories by leah bhabha

Stuff We Love

7 Essentials a Textile Artist Always Has in Her Workspace

Stuff We Love BY leah bhabha 05/03/2018
Cover candle
Carla Venticinque-Osborn - the designer behind the breezy apparel line Po-em - is moving studios soon, and, given just how organized she is, we think we know exactly what she'll unpack first. Because she's a company of one, she has to work extra hard to balance her time between the creative work and the more logistical tasks, and these half-dozen tools help her stay on task. READ MORE
Got It Made

Tracing How Young Frankk Develops a Jewelry Collection

Got It Made BY leah bhabha 02/04/2016
Cover process lo
Christine Young has always been an extremely visual person. An artist since she was old enough to hold a pencil, she got a degree in illustration before she ever thought about creating things that could hang from your neck, ears, or wrists for her line Young Frankk. "I see jewelry-making as a direct translation of my doodles and illustrative sketches into metal, which maybe isn't the case for people with different backgrounds," she says. See how she draws to on those carbon doodles to build out her collections. READ MORE
Key to the City

A Dang Inspiring Walk Through the Fez Medina

Key to the City BY leah bhabha 07/24/2018
Cover 6  2
You know a destination's special when you start planning your next trip as soon as you get back home - which is what Lucia Perluck did after visiting Morocco as part of an artist's residency in the northern city of Fez. Her jewelry-designer brain latched onto the work of the Berber tribe, but her love for the bustling Medina of Fez, a central walled area in the town and a Unesco World Heritage Site that was founded in the ninth century, also stuck out. It is, as Lucia says, "where all the action takes place," and she's here to give us a guided tour - with a little help from the famous French-American author Anaïs Nin, who was equally enamored in her day. READ MORE
Key to the City

An Oakland Original Names the Best of the Bay

Key to the City BY leah bhabha 05/16/2018
Cover lake merritt
Victoria Young grew up as a crafty kid in Oakland, appreciating the funky, earthy vibe of the Bay Area. Though she now calls Brooklyn home, the jewelry designer recalls buying treats from vendors on the streets of Berkeley, and the organic feeling of the West Coast landscape is still close to her heart. Here, she shared with us some of her favorite spots in Oakland, where she heads when she's back home visiting her dad. READ MORE

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