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Stories by leah bhabha

Got It Made

Tracing How Young Frankk Develops a Jewelry Collection

Got It Made BY leah bhabha 02/04/2016
Cover process lo
Christine Young has always been an extremely visual person. An artist since she was old enough to hold a pencil, she got a degree in illustration before she ever thought about creating things that could hang from your neck, ears, or wrists for her line Young Frankk. "I see jewelry-making as a direct translation of my doodles and illustrative sketches into metal, which maybe isn't the case for people with different backgrounds," she says. See how she draws to on those carbon doodles to build out her collections. READ MORE
Family Matters

Andrew McAteer’s Very Design-Centric Family Ties

Family Matters BY leah bhabha 03/01/2016
Cover great great grandfather  in carriage
"I have this motivation to design, which is kind of a recurring theme across the generations," says Andrew McAteer, who handmakes clean, precise leather and canvas goods. "I feel like it's in my blood." We have that same feeling - largely because this old soul was born into a family of fifth-generation New York tradesmen. Allow him to present the evidence, in the form of family folklore and artifacts. READ MORE
Home Upgrade

Inside One Designer’s Airy, Ever-Changing Attic Studio

Home Upgrade BY leah bhabha 09/22/2017
Cover studio space 1
Even in her early days of jewelry-making - before she launched her line Uni for real - Kiersten Crowley worked out of her Portland, Oregon, bungalow. But back then, that looked like sketching and finishing her chunky cuffs and droplet-like earrings in a small corner of her laundry room. After too many years of cold, damp days - particularly during the gray Pacific Northwest fall - Kiersten knew she needed a space that would fuel her creativity and, luckily, she and her husband had a big ol' attic that ran the length of their home. It was unfinished then...but not for long. READ MORE

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