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Stories by olivia martin

A Pacific Northwest Playlist from Bridge & Burn

BY olivia martin 10/28/2016
Cover screenshot 2016 10 24 15.58.03
Yeah, we all love Portlandia - but we're also un-ironically fans of a certain type of rugged Oregon vibe when it comes to clothing and to singer-songwriters. Bridge & Burn founder Erik Prowell has both on lock - he designs outfit-making outerwear that can stand up to the steadiest of drizzles, and he also happens to be tight with the crew over at the Portland radio station - cozy enough that they keep him supplied with playlists. So what's filling his ears and fueling his brain these days? Ready those (wireless) earbuds… READ MORE
Stuff We Love

Here's How to Build a Modern Ceramics Collection

Stuff We Love BY olivia martin 11/17/2017
Cover sampling of ceramics
When the jewelry designer Molly Zimmerman of MM Druck is looking for fuel for her sculptural - yet easy-to-wear - silver pieces, she just looks around her home, which is filled with a seriously cool array of modern and postmodern ceramics she's acquired over the years. "I've always been a collector," Molly explains. "As my interests evolved, so did the objects - thankfully, my miniature glass animal figurine collection was left behind somewhere in adolescence. It's through ceramics I've found an accessible way to outfit my home with art that's both decorative and functional." A hobby that combines shopping with function and design in mind? Sign us up. READ MORE
Key to the City

8 Spots That Make Havana Really Magical

Key to the City BY olivia martin 10/19/2017
Cover cuba 09
Every year, crazy-busy Brooklyn clothing designer (and mom of three) Christine Alcalay makes time for two vacations: one for rest and relaxation and one for discovery. While working on a Cuba-inspired collection for her supremely smart (and a little bit glam) clothing line, Christine decided it was high time to explore the country firsthand. As she puts it, "I wanted to walk the streets of Havana and immerse myself in the music, beauty, and love of a place that seemed untouchable." Wanna get a little bit closer? Read on. [Ed note: Christine was able to visit Cuba earlier this year before Hurricane Irma devastated certain areas and policies made traveling there from the U.S. more difficult. Our aim: to learn more about the place and culture and to encourage continued support of hurricane victims.] READ MORE
Eat This

How to Holiday When You’re Vegan

Eat This BY olivia martin 12/01/2017
Cover osf 1
When Kaleigh Shrigley and Claire Lowe aren't devoting their creative talents to One Six Five, their playful, geometric jewelry line, and its candy-colored shop in Columbus, Ohio, they're probably whipping-up inventive, plant-based treats - um, cashew queso, anyone? Newly vegan, the biz-partner besties have already aced a few recipes and swaps to satisfy their cravings for dairy-filled holiday classics - and they're here to report back on their findings, all of which are sure to impress herbivores and omnivores alike at your next shindig. READ MORE
Hone Your Craft

How to Start Painting, Like, Tomorrow

Hone Your Craft BY olivia martin 08/09/2017
Cover cats
Sure, Carly Ann Beck's sense of color and her creative vision are stand-out - see: C.A.B., her popsicle-hued collection of bags. But the fact that when girl decided, on a whim, to pick up painting and achieved gallery-worthy results almost immediately is still surprising - or at least very impressive. Proof of both her talent and her dedication: Her works have their own Instagram account, and, a year in, she's already selling prints. Here, her tips on dabbling in daubing yourself. READ MORE

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