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Stories by olivia martin

A Pacific Northwest Playlist from Bridge & Burn

BY olivia martin 10/28/2016
Cover screenshot 2016 10 24 15.58.03
Yeah, we all love Portlandia - but we're also un-ironically fans of a certain type of rugged Oregon vibe when it comes to clothing and to singer-songwriters. Bridge & Burn founder Erik Prowell has both on lock - he designs outfit-making outerwear that can stand up to the steadiest of drizzles, and he also happens to be tight with the crew over at the Portland radio station - cozy enough that they keep him supplied with playlists. So what's filling his ears and fueling his brain these days? Ready those (wireless) earbuds… READ MORE
Stuff We Love

An Ode to a 300-Album Vinyl Collection

Stuff We Love BY olivia martin 01/11/2018
Cover merewif at home 8
You know how some folks are just inherently cool, with the best vibe, great taste, and a killer record collection to boot? Designer Savannah Watson is 100 percent that person. She and her husband Tim have been amassing albums together for over a decade and now spin from a collection of about 300 in their Wilmington, North Carolina, home - a habit that helps Savannah chill out when she's not working on her intricate jewelry line, Merewif. Here's why she highly recommends you take a hand at the turntable, too. READ MORE
Hone Your Craft

How to Start Painting, Like, Tomorrow

Hone Your Craft BY olivia martin 08/09/2017
Cover cats
Sure, Carly Ann Beck's sense of color and her creative vision are stand-out - see: C.A.B., her popsicle-hued collection of bags. But the fact that when girl decided, on a whim, to pick up painting and achieved gallery-worthy results almost immediately is still surprising - or at least very impressive. Proof of both her talent and her dedication: Her works have their own Instagram account, and, a year in, she's already selling prints. Here, her tips on dabbling in daubing yourself. READ MORE
Stuff We Love

How Two Designers Kit Out Their Extremely Cute Kid

Stuff We Love BY olivia martin 12/07/2017
Cover baby accessories
When husband and wife Kofi and Kristin Essel started their striking, textural jewelry line, they dubbed it Third Crown to represent their shared creative vision. Now, there is a third member of group IRL: the couple's two-year-old son Gareth. We've long admired Kofi and Kristin's super covetable style, so it's no surprise that Gareth's looks are too cool for (pre)school. More on their go-to kid gear and tips below… READ MORE
Got It Made

4 Lessons a Sushi Chef and a Commercial Producer Bring to their Design Business

Got It Made BY olivia martin 12/09/2016
Cover  dsc1083
Leaving your super successful career and moving from the beach to the big city sounds more like a rom-com plot than real life. But in 2011, Tats and Ena Osake did just that. They quit their jobs (he produced big-budget commercials, and she was a well-known sushi chef), and they left Hawaii behind for a new life making minimal, curvilinear leather accessories and jewelry under the name 8.6.4 in New York. After two decades of putting their creative minds to work for other companies, both are more than happy to be their own bosses - but that doesn't mean they don't still draw on their mountains of experience to take care of biz. Here are four former-life lessons they keep coming back to. READ MORE

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