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Stories by courtney conway

Eat This

Make Your Own Stunning (and Delicious!) Taiwanese Tea Eggs

Eat This BY courtney conway 01/22/2019
Cover img 3494 2
If you're on the hunt for a food to fuel your craziest weeks - that looks pretty while doing it - the Taiwanese tea egg is waiting for you. Think of it as a classic hardboiled, but kicked up a notch with a gorgeous pattern and a hit of umami. The original version can be labor-intensive, but the photographer and ceramicist Debbie Carlos walked us through how to make her simplified version that you can easily whip up in a jiffy for a chic breakfast or afternoon snack. READ MORE
Thing of Beauty

How This Designer Gets Skin so Glowy Strangers Ask for Her Routine

Thing of Beauty BY courtney conway
Cover sade 1
Sade Mims, who spends her days creating eclectic jewelry and accessories for her New York-based line Edas, has the kind of complexion that causes people to demand her skincare routine. But achieving this traffic-stopping glow has taken work: Her skin tends to get oily in the hotter months and much drier in the cooler months, and she's built out her climate-combatting routine accordingly. Of course, we were extremely interested in seeing what we might be able to adopt into our own regimens, and Sade was down to go deep. READ MORE
Hone Your Craft

How Learning Ceramics Helped This Designer Survive Her Morning Sickness

Hone Your Craft BY courtney conway 02/21/2019
Cover szeki ceramics 10
Szeki Chan, the Brooklyn-based clothing designer behind the laid-back, drapey linen and wool looks of 7115 by Szeki, always has plenty of creative work on her plate. But while she was expecting her first son, Cody, she found herself looking for a new meditative hobby to help distract her from her intense morning sickness. She ended up in her local ceramics studio and instantly became hooked - she even bought herself a wheel so she could throw at home every morning. Now, over one hundred mugs, dishes, and plates later, she's here to share how the experience turned her into a firm believer in the art of slowing down - especially while pregnant. READ MORE
Thing of Beauty

Everything This Curly-Haired Queen Uses to Keep Her Locks Lookin’ Fine

Thing of Beauty BY courtney conway 01/09/2018
Cover hair 1
Brooklyn jeweler Sofia Ramsay is no slouch when it comes to making a personal statement - just see her collection of kickass leather chokers and bracelets for proof. And that extends beyond accessories all the way to the ends of her gorgeously tousled curls, which she somehow bleaches, buns, and blows-out without messing up their bouncy shine. We had to know how she does it, clearly. READ MORE
Stuff We Love

8 Rad, Giftable Kids’ Books They Don’t Already Have

Stuff We Love BY courtney conway 10/24/2018
Cover stack
After seeing the spectacular prints and woven textiles Sarah Sullivan makes for her line Sullystring, you probably wouldn't be surprised to learn she downright loved picture books when she was little. But Sarah's hung onto the obsession as she's gotten older - partly due to the fact that she has a whopping 17 nieces and nephews. Here are a few of her outside-the-box faves for getting all the aunt points, all the time. READ MORE

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