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Stories by courtney conway

Hone Your Craft

How Learning Ceramics Helped This Designer Survive Her Morning Sickness

Hone Your Craft BY courtney conway 02/21/2019
Cover szeki ceramics 10
Szeki Chan, the Brooklyn-based clothing designer behind the laid-back, drapey linen and wool looks of 7115 by Szeki, always has plenty of creative work on her plate. But while she was expecting her first son, Cody, she found herself looking for a new meditative hobby to help distract her from her intense morning sickness. She ended up in her local ceramics studio and instantly became hooked - she even bought herself a wheel so she could throw at home every morning. Now, over one hundred mugs, dishes, and plates later, she's here to share how the experience turned her into a firm believer in the art of slowing down - especially while pregnant. READ MORE
Inside Job

The Portland, Maine, Apartment We'd Like to Call Home

Inside Job BY courtney conway 12/06/2017
Cover cmb ofakind 7
If you're following Chloe May Brown on Instagram - which you should definitely be doing - your feed will not only be blessed with loads of minimalist, ceramics pics, but also a few sneak peeks of her Portland, Maine, space that'll leave you wanting more. Well, she (and her two cats) gave us the ultimate tour of her one bedroom apartment where she finds most of her inspiration, and, long story short, it's pure bliss. Keep on scrollin' to see what we mean. READ MORE
Key to the City

The Greatest Hits of Brooklyn’s Greenpoint Neighborhood

Key to the City BY courtney conway 04/09/2019
Cover weepingwillow transmitter
Carla Venticinque-Osborn has mastered the whole short-commute thing - the textile designer behind the line Po-em lives in Brooklyn's coolness-packed, northernmost neighborhood. "I love New York and especially the village of Greenpoint. I live close to the water, and my entire life routine - work, kid's school, shopping - takes place within that small area," she explains. Below, Carla shares her neighborhood's best flower shop, french fries, and, um, cat. READ MORE
Stuff We Love

6 Coffee-Table Books That Are as Stunning as They Are Captivating

Stuff We Love BY courtney conway 12/12/2018
Cover img 9945
A coffee-table book says a lot about you - and if you check out what the North Carolina-based bag designer Ann Howell Bullard has stacked up in her living room, you'll get a portrait of an art enthusiast with an eye for idiosyncrasy. Here are six she keeps at the ready for visitors to peruse and for when she's hungry for fresh ideas for her own charming, hand-painted patterns. READ MORE

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