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Stories by courtney conway

Eat This

5 Cocktail Recipes (and Songs!) for All Your Summer Sipping

Eat This BY courtney conway 06/19/2018
Cover oak june 70031 2
One of Casey Perez's favorite things to do when she's done sketching and soldering sculptural pieces for her jewelry line, Artifacts, is whip up some cocktails in her Brooklyn kitchen. The self-taught mixologist is all about adding extras, like St. Germain and Luxardo cherries, to take things to the next level - and, on that note, she's also paired her go-to drink recipes with some of her favorite songs of summer. Take 'em for a spin. READ MORE
Stuff We Love

8 Rad, Giftable Kids’ Books They Don’t Already Have

Stuff We Love BY courtney conway 10/24/2018
Cover stack
After seeing the spectacular prints and woven textiles Sarah Sullivan makes for her line Sullystring, you probably wouldn't be surprised to learn she downright loved picture books when she was little. But Sarah's hung onto the obsession as she's gotten older - partly due to the fact that she has a whopping 17 nieces and nephews. Here are a few of her outside-the-box faves for getting all the aunt points, all the time. READ MORE
Listen Up

Listen Up: What it Costs to Make Home Goods and a New Installment of Claire and Erica’s Personal-Care Faves

Listen Up BY courtney conway 11/28/2016
Cover ofakind 20160216 469
One of the struggles of being a designer: getting the pricing of your goods right. So on this episode, we're launching a little miniseries, in which a few of our makers stop by to talk about all the costs of producing their work. First up: housewares with the brilliant Annabel Inganni of Wolfum. And since since dry hair/skin/cuticles season is upon us, Claire and Erica also spill on the newest additions to their beauty routines - because we know you've all been waiting for the sequel to Round 1. But first things first: a new #ReadingThings podcast is coming at ya on January 16th, where we'll be talking If You're Not Yet Like Me with author and all-around badass Edan Lepucki. It's a dark romantic comedy, and FWIW, it clocks in at just 55 pages. READ MORE
Thing of Beauty

Science-Based Advice for Banishing Split Ends and Soothing Damaged Strands

Thing of Beauty BY courtney conway 07/19/2019
Cover paigecheyne cycleearrings 5
There's a pretty good chance you're currently battling at least some frayed or broken hair as you read this. Historically, those were problems that could be temporarily covered up, but long-term solutions (other than chopping it all off!) were elusive. Hey, not anymore! We got all the hairy details on preventing and dealing with split ends and less-than-ideal texture from Dustin Smith, a hair stylist and educator over at Virtue Labs, a line that relies on heavy-duty research into keratin protein that naturally occurs in our bodies. READ MORE
Inside Job

The Portland, Maine, Apartment We'd Like to Call Home

Inside Job BY courtney conway 12/06/2017
Cover cmb ofakind 7
If you're following Chloe May Brown on Instagram - which you should definitely be doing - your feed will not only be blessed with loads of minimalist, ceramics pics, but also a few sneak peeks of her Portland, Maine, space that'll leave you wanting more. Well, she (and her two cats) gave us the ultimate tour of her one bedroom apartment where she finds most of her inspiration, and, long story short, it's pure bliss. Keep on scrollin' to see what we mean. READ MORE

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