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Stories by courtney conway

Eat This

5 Cocktail Recipes (and Songs!) for All Your Summer Sipping

Eat This BY courtney conway 06/19/2018
Cover oak june 70031 2
One of Casey Perez's favorite things to do when she's done sketching and soldering sculptural pieces for her jewelry line, Artifacts, is whip up some cocktails in her Brooklyn kitchen. The self-taught mixologist is all about adding extras, like St. Germain and Luxardo cherries, to take things to the next level - and, on that note, she's also paired her go-to drink recipes with some of her favorite songs of summer. Take 'em for a spin. READ MORE
Key to the City

Why Cincinnati is Having an Entrepreneurial Moment

Key to the City BY courtney conway 01/29/2019
Cover slack imgs
Artists, get thee to the Rust Belt. "Cincinnati is the kind of place where that you can start something with very little risk. Rent is cheap, resources are abundant, and there are a lot of opportunities," says Colin Klimesh, one half of CKTC, makers of colorful, shapely vases and vessels. The city is big enough to have creative energy - a world-class art museum, tons of local businesses - and contained enough for a supportive community to flourish. "It's such a small city, but there's a lot going on," says his co-founder Taylor Carter, a native. "It's exciting." Here, four reasons why it's a spot to keep an eye on. READ MORE
Interior Inspiration

How to Mix Prints Like This Star Designing Duo

Interior Inspiration BY courtney conway
Cover lewisxoak 4
After a peek at the easy-breezy, nature-inspired prints that make up the kid-friendly (but adult-pleasing!) textiles of Lewis, it's hard to not want to completely overhaul your space. But to be able to layer all those hues and prints in just the right way takes some serious skills - which, lucky for all of us, the founders Liz Libré and Lizzy Ott have. We asked Lizzy to show us the way so we can get in on their fun, too. READ MORE
Stuff We Love

The Rules a Jewelry Designer and Mom of Four Swears by to Get Each Day Done

Stuff We Love BY courtney conway 05/29/2019
Cover kikikoyote hdh makersalongside 14
Juggling a jewelry line and four kiddos requires some impressive dexterity. Take it from Kris Singleton, who both runs her business Kiki Koyote and runs after her kids in her Minneapolis home and has spent years figuring out the best ways to get everything - or at least all the important things - done. Below, her hard-won tips and a useful checklist for anyone who has a whole lot going on. READ MORE
Inside Job

The Portland, Maine, Apartment We'd Like to Call Home

Inside Job BY courtney conway 12/06/2017
Cover cmb ofakind 7
If you're following Chloe May Brown on Instagram - which you should definitely be doing - your feed will not only be blessed with loads of minimalist, ceramics pics, but also a few sneak peeks of her Portland, Maine, space that'll leave you wanting more. Well, she (and her two cats) gave us the ultimate tour of her one bedroom apartment where she finds most of her inspiration, and, long story short, it's pure bliss. Keep on scrollin' to see what we mean. READ MORE

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