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Stories by courtney conway

Stuff We Love

10 Essential Books to Start Your Design Library

Stuff We Love BY courtney conway 02/01/2018
Cover bk rpt 02
Sallyann Corn and Joe Kent are huge book nerds - they'd tell you so themselves. Proof: They asked for gift certificates to their local bookstore, Elliot Bay Book Company in Seattle, in lieu of wedding gifts. The couple use their collection, which they estimate is large enough to open their own shop, as references for Fruitsuper, their extremely useful, slyly silly collection of home objects like wavy trivets and wall hooks. Here, Sallyann spills on the copies they can't live without. READ MORE
Thing of Beauty

Everything This Curly-Haired Queen Uses to Keep Her Locks Lookin’ Fine

Thing of Beauty BY courtney conway 01/09/2018
Cover hair 1
Brooklyn jeweler Sofia Ramsay is no slouch when it comes to making a personal statement - just see her collection of kickass leather chokers and bracelets for proof. And that extends beyond accessories all the way to the ends of her gorgeously tousled curls, which she somehow bleaches, buns, and blows-out without messing up their bouncy shine. We had to know how she does it, clearly. READ MORE
Key to the City

6 Under-the-Radar Southern California Art Installations Worth a Visit

Key to the City BY courtney conway 01/26/2018
Cover california scenario 2
There's nothing Sonya Gallardo loves more than stumbling upon some mind-bending art - especially when wasn't looking for it. As the aesthetically brilliant founder of Highlow Jewelry puts it, "I love art spaces that are either very inexpensive, very accessible, or just a part of the world." Here, the spots that very much fit the bill her in SoCal corner of the world. READ MORE
Marriage Material

Tricks for Planning a So-Very-Glam Destination Wedding

Marriage Material BY courtney conway 02/07/2018
Cover pili restrepo favorites 0122 preview crop
Quiz: Does planning a James Bond-themed wedding in Cartagena when you live in NYC sound A) fun or B) insanely stressful? Pili Restrepo made sure it was mostly answer A when she committed to the whole forever thing with her college sweetheart Josh at a shindig in her home country, Colombia, and the detail-oriented jeweler did it without sacrificing a shred of her impeccable personal style. Here's how. READ MORE
Listen Up

Listen Up: The Best of 10 Things and Children’s Book Faves

Listen Up BY courtney conway 01/23/2017
Cover screen shot 2017 01 24 at 3.21.47 pm
Because sometimes Claire and Erica can't share the full extent of their enthusiasm for something in their weekly 10 Things newsletter (you are subscribed, right?), they're going deep on six amazing picks that are going to make your life so, so much funnier, easier, and more delicious. And! They're also taking a lil' literary tour down memory lane, care of their favorite kids' books. We'll take any chance to talk about The Magic Locket... READ MORE

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