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Stories by katie nave-freeman

Grown-Ass Dressing

How to Stop Being Intimidated by Hats

Grown-Ass Dressing BY katie nave-freeman 10/25/2017
Cover hats
It takes a certain level of confidence to breeze out of the house in a statement hat, but it's something that Jovana Djuric, who hand-felts her own fedoras and cloches when she's not carving out crazy-cool statement earrings and necklaces, is so very comfortable with. "Growing up in Serbia, I always found hats to be deeply mysterious and elegant. For me, they stand for romance, storytelling, and adventure," she explains. You want in on that? She's here to help you get your head in the game. READ MORE
Hone Your Craft

Quiz: Which Craft Will You Really, Really Love Doing?

Hone Your Craft BY katie nave-freeman 03/23/2017
Cover weaving 1
If 2017's the year you vowed to become and, er, "maker" but you haven't gotten past setting up the Pinterest board, let Katie Diamond hand-hold you through this. Creator of stone-centric earrings and intricately patterned rings, she's never met a craft that she doesn't love, and she's to help you figure out where to start. Take the quiz below to choose a lane, and follow her wise advice once you do: "Just go ahead and order your supplies, and then you'll have to make space and a little time to try some things out. Once you have a few basic skills, you can really branch out make it your own!" So, c'mon: You can do this! Cross-stitch our hearts. READ MORE
Grown-Ass Dressing

One Seller’s Tips for Finding Vintage Gold

Grown-Ass Dressing BY katie nave-freeman 11/29/2017
Cover rack
Before JJ Matchett started making her own timeless, Italian acetate jewelry, she ran her own super-chic vintage shop online - and her studio in Atlanta still has a few racks of throwback denim and other treats she just couldn't bear to pass up. Since stepping into a thrift store or Salvation Army in search of the perfect Levi's or loafers can be totally intimidating, here's her extremely expert advice for knowing when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em. READ MORE
Inside Job

Visit the Modular Brooklyn Shop That’s as Clever as the Clothes Inside It

Inside Job BY katie nave-freeman 06/15/2017
Cover wb 7115 wall 2
When Szeki Chan set out to renovate her 7115 by Szeki shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (she also has one in downtown Manhattan), she didn't just settle for a fresh paint job. In a quest to bring warmth, functionality, and versatility to the narrow, super-high-ceilinged space, Szeki harnessed the same unconventional-design superpowers that fuel her convertible, crazy-adaptable cocoon dresses and origami-inspired shifts. Welcome to the super-thoughtful serenity that is Szeki. READ MORE

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