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Stories by katie nave freeman

Get Outta Town

How One Designer and Her Husband Keep a Yearly Travel Pact

Get Outta Town BY katie nave freeman 01/25/2019
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Back in 2012, Lindsey Mortensen, who creates buttery soft recycled leather handbags under the name Larsen & Lund, and her husband Hrishikesh Hirway made a deal: They would travel to one new international spot every single year. So far, these two have covered a lot of ground, hitting Australia, Norway, India, and most recently Denmark (her all-time favorite so far), and she has four solid pieces of advice if you're looking to jet-set in her footsteps. READ MORE
Get Outta Town

This Design Duo Did Vacation Right—and Very Differently

Get Outta Town BY katie nave freeman 08/22/2017
Cover m2
Natalie Mauro and Cole Morrall, the California dream team behind Bones and Feathers Collective's dangly earrings and freewheeling necklaces spend a whole lotta time side-by-side in their downtown L.A. studio - but since travel is a huge source of new ideas, they make sure to go their separate ways and get outta town when they can. Most recently, Natalie road-tripped to New Mexico, while Cole bathed in the blue seas of Mallorca. Let's hear about what they packed - and what they couldn't wait to tell the each other about when they got back. READ MORE
Stuff We Love

How to Feel Confident and Just Plain Great About Getting Dressed

Stuff We Love BY katie nave freeman 06/07/2017
Cover capsule  1
Look, not to shade anyone in particular, but we're pretty firm believers that outfit guides that compare bodies to fruit have never been of any real use to anyone. But that doesn't mean there isn't truth to the notion that what we wear and how we wear it affects the way we carry ourselves out in the world. Just ask designer Lindsay Reif, who earned her clothing-cutting chops by altering vintage pieces to suit her own preferences - and then used her sewing skills to create Reifhaus, a universally flattering line of wrap jumpsuits, boxy tops, and swingy dresses for the rest of us. Here's Lindsey's expert advice on shapes to lean into and conventional wisdom to ignore, 'cause rules were made to broken, yah? READ MORE
Stuff We Love

How to Turn Your Hobby into a Full-Time Hustle

Stuff We Love BY katie nave freeman 04/14/2017
Cover change2  1
Michelle Meronek always had an interest in design - she played around with making jewelry for family and friends in high school - but she took a few detours before deciding soldering and stone-setting was what she wanted to do all dang day, every dang day. Switching career gears can be a scary thing, and since Michelle seems to have handled it like a boss (look no further than her shapely, burnished-metal and gemstone earrings and rings for proof), we figured we'd ask her to point us in the right direction. READ MORE

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