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Stories by katie nave freeman

Stuff We Love

Three Bauhaus Women Who Were Full-Blown Badasses

Stuff We Love BY katie nave freeman 07/16/2019
Cover florence henri met
Lindsey Reif, the brains behind the Portland-based brand Reifhaus, is a sucker for contemporary lines and compelling details, both hallmarks of the Bauhaus creative movement, which encouraged interwar-period students and teachers to pursue their crafts together in workshops and design studios. Specifically, Lindsey is drawn to the work of three visionary, original women of the period. "The female artists from the Bauhaus era could do it all - weaving, furniture, product design, pottery, photography, and painting," she explains, and she's here to share the impressive details. READ MORE
Key to the City

​Explore the Coolest, Tastiest, Most Fascinating Corners of Central Mexico

Key to the City BY katie nave freeman 05/10/2019
Cover nipomo mexico visit 409
Liz Clark, the founder of the adventure-ready accessory line Nipomo, has been traveling to Mexico since she was a kid growing up in San Diego. These days, she spends the most time in the country's central region, where she visits the weavers she works with in a town outside of Tlaxcala and (of course!) takes in all the sights, sounds, and flavors the area has to offer. Seven of her favorite excursions below. READ MORE
Key to the City

A Miami Local on the Places That Won Her Heart

Key to the City BY katie nave freeman 06/06/2019
Cover gallery10 600x600
Adriana Epelboim-Levy was born in Venezuela, but now Miami's her home through and through. "I moved here when I was 15 years old. It feels like Miami and I evolved together," she says. "Back then, it had a completely different environment and skyline. It's grown so much both architecturally and culturally." That made it the perfect setting for launching 'her hand-painted shoe business, Alepel - and an ideal city for exploring when she feels like running around town or putting her feet up.. READ MORE
Stuff We Love

The Most Charming Studio and Shopping Street in Fort Worth, Texas

Stuff We Love BY katie nave freeman 04/17/2019
Cover tribealive store ss19  24 of 32
Carly Burson and her small-but-mighty, all-women crew at Tribe Alive pride themselves on collaborating with artisans across the globe, paying them fair wages to produce block-printed caftans and breezy shorts, and they try to keep that same communal energy going at their Fort Worth-based retail space and studio. "Our small team of introverts and extroverts know how to get the job done and how to keep each other laughing in the process. We're not just co-workers. We're friends," explains Carly. Here, she hands things off to head designer Katie Sansom to share a tour of the space and the places you can find this gang around town when they're not at work. READ MORE
Key to the City

A Guide to the Very Best Street Art in Oakland

Key to the City BY katie nave freeman 03/27/2019
Cover 3
When it comes to her jewelry line, Harp, Shelly Harper draws major inspo from all the good style she sees on a daily basis around her home in Oakland. And since she spends so much time pounding the pavement for ideas, she's perfectly poised to share a list of her favorite street art, too. Tag along for a tour of the murals and graffiti she loves most - and why the medium means so much to her. READ MORE

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