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Stories by aleksa brown

Key to the City

A Textile Lover’s Guide to Oaxaca, Mexico

Key to the City BY aleksa brown 03/14/2018
Cover hierveelagua crop
You know how every now and then a locale seems to magically become the agreed-on destination for all the cool, creative people you know? Well, right now Oaxaca seems to be peaking, thanks to its majestic natural landscape and deep artisanal traditions in clay, weaving, and cooking. And for NYC-based textile artist Kiva Motnyk of Thompson Street Studio (i.e., one such cool, creative person), it's also a place to connect with craftspeople. "I go to Mexico about once a year, and I recently I went to Oaxaca to gather inspiration and see how the traditional textiles were made," she says. "It was incredible - the weaving artisans really integrate their work life with their home life, which is very much how I work when I'm in my studio upstate." Below, see what she saw in this stunner of a city. READ MORE
Key to the City

How to Do Florence Like You've Lived There for Years

Key to the City BY aleksa brown 07/13/2017
Cover biking
Miki Nora Christopherson first came to Florence - the city where she now lives and creates her liquid-looking metal jewelry - by chance. Looking for a place to study art history abroad without speaking the language, Miki discovered a program in Tuscany's capital and promptly signed up. After meeting her husband there years later while visiting friends from that very same study abroad program and feeling "as though I was living in a novel," she figured it was about time to put down roots. And while we can't promise you an Italian romance, we can count on Miki to deliver a bang-up tour of her town. READ MORE
Eat This

You’re Gonna Want to Bookmark This Family-Secret Recipe for Finnish Almond Cookies

Eat This BY aleksa brown 11/09/2017
Cover almondcookies1
Running a jewelry biz doesn't leave Cynthia Horrigan a ton of time for extracurriculars. Even so, the Los Angeles-based designer behind the delicate, elegant line Ochre Objects prioritizes one of her lifelong hobbies: mixing up her mother's hard-earned recipes - especially come winter. "My mom has a real thing for holiday cookies," Cynthia says. "She's been collecting recipes for them for almost 40 years, trying out a new one every year." And with all that research, it's no surprise Cynthia's top cookie, shortbread's almond-flavored cousin, is a real winner. "These are one of the first things I learned to bake," Cynthia says. "They are really simple - only six ingredients! - but are so delicious." Yah, our mouths are watering, too. READ MORE
Got It Made

What It Takes to Make a Modern Quilt

Got It Made BY aleksa brown 10/31/2017
Cover small quilts   1
Kiva Motnyk's approach to bringing her painstakingly hand-sewn, patchwork quilts to life is more like cooking than baking - it's not an exact science. "I don't have a very rigid process," says the Thompson Street Studio designer. Instead of following super-precise patterns or relying on the consistency of a Singer, Kiva lets things flow organically. But that doesn't mean she doesn't start with a game plan, and she's taking us behind the seams to show us it looks like. READ MORE
Stuff We Love

8 Things This Super Creative Couple Can’t Work Without

Stuff We Love BY aleksa brown 08/04/2017
Cover unnamed 1  7
The story of one of L.A.'s most creative and #goalsworthy couples started as many things did in 2007 - on Myspace. At the time, Lindsey Mortensen was living in New York and working in fashion design when she got a personal Myspace invite from L.A.-based musician Hrishikesh Hirway,to see his band perform in the city. A few weeks later, Hrishikesh convinced Lindsey to move out west with him; six weeks after their first date, he proposed. "It sounds crazy, but yes," Lindsey says. "And now we've been together for 10 years!" And making' a marriage work isn't all they've been up to in that time - Lindsey launched Larsen and Lund, a line of buttery, grown-up leather bags, and Hrishikesh is the brains behind the popular podcast Song Exploder. They also both work out of their home in Los Angeles' Eagle Rock neighborhood, so we asked Lindsey to share what keeps them happy and hard at work 'round the clock. READ MORE

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