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Key To The City

Key to the City

An Artist's Guide to Doing San Francisco's North Beach Right

Key to the City BY courtney conway 03/12/2019
Cover paintedmary northbeach 2
If you've ever wanted to get a more historical take on San Francisco's North Beach neighborhood, Mary Finlayson - the artist behind Painted Mary and a very plugged-in local - is your girl. Her most recent painting was actually inspired by the locale's backstory, and she spends her weekends hanging out in the area's old-school cafe and fifties bookshops. Follow along, huh? READ MORE
Key to the City

Where To Eat, Drink, Hang, and Heal in Budapest

Key to the City BY tess falotico 02/13/2019
Cover 20140709 152054
"My mom, dad, and sister lived in Hungary until about 1979 before they had to escape communist rule and leave all their belongings behind," says designer Devon Pavlovits. They hid in Austria for six months before moving to L.A., where Devon was born and still resides. "After the Iron Curtain fell in 1991, we started going back every few years. Over the last two decades, it has become such a beautiful, lively, vibrant place to visit," she adds. And though Budapest is on the rise as a hip, casual destination for those without roots there, Devon says it's "crazy-cheap" and has kept its authenticity and charm. Here, she shares everything she loves about the Hungarian capital (including her family's own minimalist guesthouse that you can rent out for your stay!). READ MORE
Key to the City

Why Cincinnati is Having an Entrepreneurial Moment

Key to the City 01/29/2019
Cover slack imgs
Artists, get thee to the Rust Belt. "Cincinnati is the kind of place where that you can start something with very little risk. Rent is cheap, resources are abundant, and there are a lot of opportunities," says Colin Klimesh, one half of CKTC, makers of colorful, shapely vases and vessels. The city is big enough to have creative energy - a world-class art museum, tons of local businesses - and contained enough for a supportive community to flourish. "It's such a small city, but there's a lot going on," says his co-founder Taylor Carter, a native. "It's exciting." Here, four reasons why it's a spot to keep an eye on. READ MORE
Key to the City

9 Stops That Make for a Perfect Trip to Marrakech

Key to the City 12/07/2018
Cover victoriayoung morocco hero
The jeweler Victoria Young gets plenty of ideas for her line from her homebase in the Bay Area, but she's also a big fan of a major trip to both rest her brain and get different synapses firing. Her most recent voyage? To Morocco, where she and her partner toured souks, stayed in a historic riad, and drank all the mint tea. Now you can do the same. READ MORE
Key to the City

Tackle Dallas, Texas, with These Savvy Local Creatives

Key to the City 11/06/2018
Cover commerce goods supply 2
The Meghani family has been working watches for decades and has been making their pieces in Dallas, Texas, since the early nineties. That means Amir Meghani, who oversees the company's new line, Breda, with his sisters Shabeena and Neelum, grew up there - and is now part of a tight-knit community of barrier-breaking companies that have put down roots around town. "It drives a lot of the creatives in the city to show that great things can come from an unexpected place," he says. Here's where Amir says you'll find the Breda crew and the city's other aesthetes when they aren't making magic happen at their Texas HQs. READ MORE

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