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Got It Made

Got It Made

The Dallas Clothing Studio That Doubles as a Creative Hub

Got It Made 03/29/2019
Cover portrait cro kendallfalcon creativedirector
If you're looking for a reason to fall hard and fast for Dallas, try this on for size: "In this community, we help each other out, which is something that is really enlightening and new for me," says the designer (and native Texan) Kendall Falcon. Inspired by all the creative magic happening in the city around her, she's turned the office for her cool (and comfortable) clothing line Clan of Cro into a hybrid studio space called Cro Studios, which she rents to local photographers, uses to hosts art shows, and puts to use in any other way she can think of to help the artistic crew around her. Step inside, why don't you? READ MORE
Got It Made

How These Glorious, Hand-Painted Shoes Came to Be

Got It Made 02/27/2019
Cover handpainted01
Adriana Epelboim likes to do things with a twist. Trained as an architect, she's the founder of the shoe line, Alepel, which features stand-out motifs - think orchids, tropical fronds, and leaping tigers - hand-painted by Miami artists. Despite their whimsical quality, those designs don't just appear like magic, and that's where Adriana's creative prowess comes in. Here's all that goes into making the magic happen. READ MORE
Got It Made

How This Textile Designer Keeps Things Super Sustainable

Got It Made 02/19/2019
Cover variously behind the scenes 2  1
In 2009, when Anjali Purohit was brainstorming ideas for her new textile company, Variously, she knew it needed to be sustainable. But that term means different things to different people - is it about the people involved in production? Or about the environmental impact? For Anjali, the answer was both...and more. She got to work researching everything from how to empower the artisans in India weaving her product to how to reduce packaging waste. Here are four of her biggest takeaways. READ MORE
Got It Made

How to Give Your Old, Heirloom Jewelry New Life

Got It Made 02/08/2019
Cover fullsizeoutput 1304
If you're lucky enough to inherit a grandmother's ring or a great-aunt's locket, you might be struggling with concurrent emotions of being #blessed...and feeling guilty that said necklace is collecting dust because Art Deco isn't your thing. Well, how about flipping it and turning it into something you will actually want to wear? That's what the Atlanta jewelry designer Starr Miller of Pieces of Starr does for clients when she's not hand-carving her constellation motifs on her own line of rings and pendants, and she has tips to share that are true gems. READ MORE

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