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Got It Made

Got It Made

How This Designer Weaves West Africa into Her Work

Got It Made BY aleksa brown 06/07/2018
Cover working
Onyii Brown moved from Nigeria to Amherst, Massachusetts, when she was a toddler, and though she's always been forward-looking, she turns to her West African background for the ideas and materials that fuel the hyper-colorful babydoll dresses, wrap skirts, and tops of her line Onyii & Co. Here, four ways she keeps her birth country close to her business. READ MORE
Got It Made

Your Wonderfully In-Depth Guide to Buying Diamonds

Got It Made BY courtney conway 05/03/2018
Cover shahlakarimi diamonds crop
Buying fine jewelry for the first time is super exciting, but it can also be a little stressful and confusing. Like, what's fluorescence? Or why is one diamond way more expensive than the other that's the same size? How can you ensure you feel good about where you land? Jewelry designer Shahla Karimi, who sorts through the entire spectrum of stones for her namesake line, is here to take you under her ring wing to teach you how to parse the things that sparkle. READ MORE
Got It Made

Could Dyeing Shearling Be Your New Hobby?

Got It Made 11/08/2017
Cover 7
We were pretty dang impressed with Lizzie Everson's badass cowhide clutches, but you should have seen our faces when we first spotted her soft, fluffy, sherbert-tinted (!!!) shearling creations. To achieve the perfect My Little Pony shades - combined in very grown-up ways on backpacks and bags - the Primecut designer does the dyeing herself (which, turns out, is something you could probably even do in your own garage!). Then the fun of mashing-up shapes and colors begins - more on all of this awesomeness below. READ MORE
Got It Made

What It Takes to Make a Modern Quilt

Got It Made BY aleksa brown 10/31/2017
Cover small quilts   1
Kiva Motnyk's approach to bringing her painstakingly hand-sewn, patchwork quilts to life is more like cooking than baking - it's not an exact science. "I don't have a very rigid process," says the Thompson Street Studio designer. Instead of following super-precise patterns or relying on the consistency of a Singer, Kiva lets things flow organically. But that doesn't mean she doesn't start with a game plan, and she's taking us behind the seams to show us it looks like. READ MORE
Got It Made

Hats Off: How FairEnds Made our Professional Enthusiast Round 3 Caps (and All Their Other Great Goods)

Got It Made BY liz 08/16/2017
Cover 06272917oakxjys 30
We knew the minute we decided to make our dream of Professional Enthusiast ballcaps a reality, the dudes for the job were Ben Ferencz and Martin Carvajal, who founded FairEnds in 2011. Fusing their design enthusiasms - Martin made men's clothing for Freeman's Sporting Club, and Ben created custom bicycles - they brought their shared aesthetic to bear on simple, streamlined hats that are worthy of so much more than bad hair days (though they're plenty useful for those, too). Now we present Ben with a short history of how fashion's current headwear obsession came to be - and what makes a FairEnds take so dang special. READ MORE

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