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Got It Made

Got It Made

How This Textile Designer Keeps Things Super Sustainable

Got It Made 02/19/2019
Cover variously behind the scenes 2  1
In 2009, when Anjali Purohit was brainstorming ideas for her new textile company, Variously, she knew it needed to be sustainable. But that term means different things to different people - is it about the people involved in production? Or about the environmental impact? For Anjali, the answer was both...and more. She got to work researching everything from how to empower the artisans in India weaving her product to how to reduce packaging waste. Here are four of her biggest takeaways. READ MORE
Got It Made

How to Give Your Old, Heirloom Jewelry New Life

Got It Made 02/08/2019
Cover fullsizeoutput 1304
If you're lucky enough to inherit a grandmother's ring or a great-aunt's locket, you might be struggling with concurrent emotions of being #blessed...and feeling guilty that said necklace is collecting dust because Art Deco isn't your thing. Well, how about flipping it and turning it into something you will actually want to wear? That's what the Atlanta jewelry designer Starr Miller of Pieces of Starr does for clients when she's not hand-carving her constellation motifs on her own line of rings and pendants, and she has tips to share that are true gems. READ MORE
Got It Made

See How the Artisans of Côte d'Ivoire Continue Their Textile Tradition

Got It Made 11/01/2018
Cover five and six 5
There's a whole lot that goes into creating a Five and Six Textile throw. Every single one is handmade by a weaving collective based in Waraniéné in Côte d'Ivoire, West Africa, and the process of making the fabric (that is eventually then turned into throws and pillows) has been practiced for hundreds of years and passed down generation after generation. Emma Wingfield, who co-founded the line with Laine Henry, works with the weavers to select pieces they think will be bestsellers and travels back and forth from New York to check in on the production process - here's her recap of every last detail. READ MORE
Got It Made

Sew Simple Tips for Making (and Mending!) Your Own Clothes

Got It Made 10/12/2018
Cover 20181007 dsc03234
Before starting their own line Don't Worry Baby, Averil Blakely, Alice Heinz, and Stephanie Butterworth bonded over a love of sewing. Alice and Stephanie both learned the tricks of the trade from their mothers and admired the creations each other had stitched start to finish; fashion designer Averil was an easy addition. Now the three have turned their hobby so pro that their sewing is done in New York's historic Garment District. But they're still full of ideas and advice for anyone looking to delve into the world of needle and thread - so come on! READ MORE
Got It Made

How the Most Beautiful Crayons You've Ever Seen Came to Be

Got It Made 10/09/2018
Cover packing
Keetra Dean Dixon knows all the nooks and crannies of the design world - her job titles have included graphic designer, experiential choreographer (yes, really), RISD professor, artist, and now, business owner. That last one came out of an experiment making crayons from the wax waste of a larger-scale sculpture project she did in collaboration with her partner, JK Keller. As she remembers, "It was this weird, slow evolution, kind of a ripple effect that started with these enormous layered wax pieces." Here's the colorful story of how it all went down READ MORE

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