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Stuff We Love

Stuff We Love

A Beginner’s Guide to Low-Key Minimalist Living

Stuff We Love BY liz 04/05/2018
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You should know that Sonya Gallardo doesn't consider herself a "true minimalist." But the ways she talks about filling her space (slowly) and getting rid of stuff (decisively) definitely rings of a certain kind of stripped-down style. Or, as Sonya would say, "There are definitely some parts of minimalism that I find really important just for my peace of mind and clarity." Those include nixing clutter and keeping even the color palette for HighLow, her collection of simple, shape-forward jewelry, neutral for maximum calm. Read on to get all her tranquility tips. READ MORE
Stuff We Love

Why You Need to Know Mid-Century French Sculptor Valentine Schlegel

Stuff We Love BY courtney conway 04/03/2018
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Elizabeth Whitcomb has always been intrigued by sculpture - even as a kid, she was obsessed with carving wood and clay. Now that she's all grown up, she expresses the obsession through her hand-formed silver pendants and earrings for her line Tapley. These days, she's looking to the shapes of Valentine Schlegel, a French female sculptor and architect whose underappreciated, ahead-of-its-time work is making a bit of a comeback thanks to fans like Elizabeth. Here are six pieces to get you in on the whole thing. READ MORE
Stuff We Love

An All-Women Podcast Playlist from a Designer Who Listens While She Works

Stuff We Love BY liz 03/22/2018
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Aliza Guttman requires a deep playlist of audio content to keep her energy up during long hours at her jeweler's bench in Brooklyn where she hammers and welds her way to sculptural brass and silver pieces for her line Faeber Studio. To stay fresh, she and her creative pals constantly swap recs, and she agreed to let us in on the (female-only) podcast interviews that they're all talking about. READ MORE
Stuff We Love

Astrology Plus Magic! What You’ll Find Inside a Victorian Grimoire

Stuff We Love 03/01/2018
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If you're not sure what a Victorian grimoire is, join the club. To start with, a grimoire is a magical dictionary or spellbook of sorts. The most popular Victorian version is A Victorian Grimoire, which is packed with everything from gardening tips, to love spells and astrological insights. We were introduced to it's magical existence by oil painter Kristin Texiera, who uses it as inspiration for her astrology-based works. Here's a few of her favorite tips and tidbits from the genre to get you going. READ MORE

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