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Stuff We Love

Stuff We Love

The Astrology and Mindfulness Resources That Help a Pottery Phenom Thrive

Stuff We Love BY katie nave freeman 08/08/2019
Cover slack imgs
The L.A.-based ceramicist Angela Chvarak Jung relies on her ceramics practice to stay grounded - but that's not the only thing in her toolkit. "Outside of making art, a lot of my free time is spent learning how to improve myself as a person," she explains. "I like to start my day with a run outside. I write in my journal, listen to music, and meditate. Spending time in nature is essential, so I go to the beach and camp quite a bit. I get inspired through conversation with spiritually grounded friends and notice magical synchronicities throughout the day." How can you do (at least some) of the same? Here are a few tangible tips Angela has picked up during her never-ending quest. READ MORE
Stuff We Love

Three Bauhaus Women Who Were Full-Blown Badasses

Stuff We Love BY katie nave freeman 07/16/2019
Cover florence henri met
Lindsey Reif, the brains behind the Portland-based brand Reifhaus, is a sucker for contemporary lines and compelling details, both hallmarks of the Bauhaus creative movement, which encouraged interwar-period students and teachers to pursue their crafts together in workshops and design studios. Specifically, Lindsey is drawn to the work of three visionary, original women of the period. "The female artists from the Bauhaus era could do it all - weaving, furniture, product design, pottery, photography, and painting," she explains, and she's here to share the impressive details. READ MORE
Stuff We Love

The Blooms That Make for One Heck of a Cottage Garden

Stuff We Love BY jasmine respess 06/25/2019
Cover alex block 682881 unsplash
"When I was growing up, my family had a lot of land that my mom and my grandma both gardened. I thought of it as an island of plants, and those are some of my favorite memories," says Jenny Rush, the designer behind the jewelry line Four Eyes Ceramics. Though the shapes Jenny rolls out to make her graceful earrings are often abstract, many of them come from her ongoing flora fascination. As she explains, "I love that's there are so many shapes in nature, even ones that don't look organic, and all colors originally come from things in nature." Here's a guide to some of her favorite blooms, which look especially great mixed together in a cottage garden - which just so happens to be Jenny's favorite style. READ MORE
Stuff We Love

The Best Spots to Boogie Down in Brooklyn

Stuff We Love BY courtney conway 06/04/2019
Cover ardian lumi 364255 unsplash
When the designer Annika Inez isn't in her Sunset Park, Brooklyn, studio creating elliptical statement jewelry, she's probably out on the dance floor shaking off her stress. Here, she shares four of her favorite spots to get down, from an outdoor concert series to an Afrobeat class - so next time you're looking to get out of your head on a Friday night, hit one up and tell 'em Annika sent you. READ MORE
Stuff We Love

The Rules a Jewelry Designer and Mom of Four Swears by to Get Each Day Done

Stuff We Love BY courtney conway 05/29/2019
Cover kikikoyote hdh makersalongside 14
Juggling a jewelry line and four kiddos requires some impressive dexterity. Take it from Kris Singleton, who both runs her business Kiki Koyote and runs after her kids in her Minneapolis home and has spent years figuring out the best ways to get everything - or at least all the important things - done. Below, her hard-won tips and a useful checklist for anyone who has a whole lot going on. READ MORE

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