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Stuff We Love

Stuff We Love

All the Places You Should Eat in Mexico City

Stuff We Love BY courtney conway 12/13/2018
Cover contramar
Growing up in Miami with her Argentine parents, Marianna Maurer was always creative, but she didn't truly hone in on her artsy side until she went to boarding school (hey - not all of 'em are stuffy!), where she gravitated towards ceramics and painting. "My time in those studios were some of the first moments I realized I found peace and comfort in creating something," she says of her teenage days - which we only hope were kind of like Fame. Hooked on visual mediums, she moved to New York to get into photography production and - because school rules - signed up for a jewelry-making class at FIT. Her angular bracelets and orbital gem earrings were a hit and, in 2014, evolved into a line called Mau. Made of recycled and sustainable materials in L.A. (Marianna splits her time between there and Pennsylvania), her creations are meant to make their own way in the world: "Designing a piece is one part of the story - but the grand finale is when someone makes it their own, which is totally out of my hands and is so gratifying," Marianna explains. Excellent lesson, dontcha think? READ MORE
Stuff We Love

6 Coffee-Table Books That Are as Stunning as They Are Captivating

Stuff We Love BY courtney conway 12/12/2018
Cover img 9945
A coffee-table book says a lot about you - and if you check out what the North Carolina-based bag designer Ann Howell Bullard has stacked up in her living room, you'll get a portrait of an art enthusiast with an eye for idiosyncrasy. Here are six she keeps at the ready for visitors to peruse and for when she's hungry for fresh ideas for her own charming, hand-painted patterns. READ MORE
Stuff We Love

What It’s like When Art Is the Family Biz

Stuff We Love 12/09/2018
Cover devon mom and sister copy
"I work backwards," says Devon Pavlovits by way of explaining the process for creating her jewelry line. "Once I happen upon a material with a texture, shape, or color that inspires me, I'll design a piece of jewelry from there. I can't imagine working the other way around." That go-with-the-flow approach is also how she ended up in the accessories business to begin with. The daughter of a textile artist and a lighting designer, she originally rebelled to study psychology - but quickly followed in her parents' footsteps and enrolled at the Otis College of Art and Design and later the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. It was there that Devon started dabbling in jewelry for herself - but she didn't consider it as a career until the compliments began rolling in. Soon, the Etsy orders started rolling in as well. As she remembers, "I just kept saying yes and then figuring it out later." Figure it out she did - her collection pairs semi-precious stones, irregularly shaped pearls, and hand-blown glass (made by her super-talented brother) to make completely original forms, which range from delicate to sculptural. At the end of the day, it's still all about her gut instincts. "One day, I'll want to wear minimal, gold pieces, and the next I'll want to wear something super-extra," she says. "So I make all those things." READ MORE
Stuff We Love

How to Keep Your Chill During the Holiday Season

Stuff We Love 11/30/2018
Cover ochreobjects keepcalm 2
The holidays are a crazy-making time for all of us, and that goes double for L.A. jeweler Cynthia Horrigan, who spends the final few months of the year juggling gift orders, custom requests, and new spring designs for her line, Ochre Objects. Because of all that, she's become a master at keeping her stress levels low, even when the pressure's high. Here are a few of her most reliable tips for taking things down a notch - which happen to work all year 'round, too. READ MORE
Stuff We Love

How a Small-Biz Owner Goes Hard on Local Causes

Stuff We Love 11/08/2018
Cover human rights campaign tee ad
If you're feeling overwhelmed by the news of the day, looking to make an impact, and getting stuck whenever you try to make progress, we've got a lady we'd like you to meet. Carly Burson, the Texas-based founder of the ethically focused clothing company, Tribe Alive, has all kinds of ideas for how to dive right in. Her aim: to help those close to home and (bonus!) get to know her neighbors better as she does. READ MORE

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