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Eat This

A Legendary Family Cookie Hearty Enough to Eat for Breakfast

Eat This 12/11/2018
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The textile designer behind Dittohouse, Molly Fitzpatrick, knows a thing or two about keeping things cozy - and that extends to the absolutely perfect, crispy-chewy cookie recipe her Ohio family has been making ever since her grandmother perfected them decades ago. "This cookie isn't like any other cookie I've ever had before. It's kind of like a biscuit," Molly explains. "It is really thick and soft and has layers to it. It includes lard and also butter and buttermilk and eggs - so it's nice and heavy. Some of my family will even eat them for breakfast." They're so scrumptious that it's worth shaking up any baking traditions you may already have in place - we promise we won't tell your kin. READ MORE
Eat This

Make Hara Bhara Paneer Tikka, the Cheesy Veggie Kebabs of Your Dreams

Eat This 12/06/2018
Cover 12 close up of grill
When she's not working on new designs, the founder of the textile brand Variously, Anjali Purohit, loves to cook for her family - and especially loves making the Indian food she grew up with. One of her go-tos: Hara Bhara Paneer Tikka, a popular vegetarian appetizer that can be served as a big dish to share and - huge bonus! - also makes for great leftovers for any TCB days. READ MORE
Eat This

How to Throw a Dynamite Dance Dinner Party

Eat This 10/16/2018
Cover sd10
Pulling off a great party can be hard work. You've gotta choose the vibe, figure out a playlist with great flow, and invite the right people to keep the energy up. For most of us, that's enough to make it a once-a-year kind of thing (if that). But Sade Mims thrives on that kind of challenge - when she's not making modern jewelry for her line Edas, she moonlights as a thrower of dinner and dance parties, some of which are so good she actually sells tickets. Let her take you under her wing and show you the way. READ MORE
Eat This

A No-Fail Formula for Perfect Summer Pasta

Eat This BY courtney conway 08/07/2018
Cover closedmondays marketbaskettote story
When it comes to making dinner in the summertime, most of us can't bear the thought of standing in front of a hot stove for more than, oh, 12 minutes. So if you're in that camp (hi!), we've got the perfect solution - and no, it's not Uber Eats. Bekka Palmer, who coils all kinds of cool rope baskets and bags for her line Closed Mondays, has fine-tuned a pasta habit that comes together in less than 20 minutes and can be adapted to whatever freshness you've got hanging around. Plus: The leftovers are great served up cold. READ MORE
Eat This

The Case for a Kitchen Garden—and the Tart to Make with Your Haul

Eat This BY katie nave freeman 07/31/2018
Cover tomatotart  1 of 3
Mississippi-based jewelry maven Nicole Rottler Harlow, founder of Niett Metals, started gardening when she was looking for ways to destress and feel a little healthier. But she really fell in love when she got to show off the fruits (and veggies) of her labor: "The first time that we had a dinner party and I was able to run out to pick arugula and herbs for the salad, with a cocktail in one hand, I was hooked!" Here, her tips for putting roots down yourself - and a recipe that will give you the chance to say, "Yes, I grew the basil and the tomatoes." READ MORE

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