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Eat This

Eat This

The Jewels of This Culinary Expert’s Cookbook Collection

Eat This BY katie nave freeman 08/15/2019
Cover our book shelf   1
As a food stylist, Mariana Velásquez knows her way around cookbooks - she's worked on plenty for James Beard award-winners and, oh, for Michelle Obama, in addition to writing three of her own. She's also got a whole wall of her home dedicated to the ones she's constantly reaching for when she needs dinner ideas or visual inspiration. "Cookbooks are compendiums of knowledge and research. I find them so valuable both as a stylist and as someone who loves cooking," shares Mariana. "I open up a cookbook when I'm looking for specific or different ingredient combinations." Below, five of her most dog-eared copies. READ MORE
Eat This

This One-Bowl Swedish Bread Will Make Your Morning (and Possibly Your Week)

Eat This BY courtney conway 08/06/2019
Cover crispbread 3135132 960 720
Born and raised in Sweden, the jewelry designer Annika Inez has fond memories of waking up to a candlelit breakfast with her family. Um, charming, right?! Now, in NYC, she keeps that tradition goin' with her own daughter and a type of traditional hard bread known as knäckebröd. "I love waking up before her, lighting a candle, preparing breakfast, and watching her stumble into the kitchen," she says. Here's the simple, hearty recipe that can bring some major Scandi chill to your A.M., too. READ MORE
Eat This

Two Very Chill Designers on the Cool, Cucumber Gazpacho That Gets Them Through the Summer

Eat This BY courtney conway 07/17/2019
Cover lgcucumbersoup
Sabine Le Guyader and Jill Martinelli sweat it out at work all summer long, tooling away on new jewelry designs for their line Lady Grey in their Brooklyn studio. But the duo also takes time out to make themselves a nice lunch when they can - and their go-to recipe for steamy days is a chilled green gazpacho that, as Jill says, is "refreshing, healthy, totally addictive, and could also be thought of as a spicy, savory smoothie - your call." READ MORE
Eat This

This Family Recipe for Swiss Fondue Is Now Yours

Eat This BY courtney conway 05/15/2019
Cover angela pham 472148 unsplash
Molly Zimmermann travels back to Switzerland a few times a year to visit her family, and while she's there, there's one thing that's always at the top of her to-do list: eat fondue. The gooey. traditional meal says home to her, as Molly explains: "It's a communal thing and a collective experience. We all dip into the same pot and dance around each others' forks to keep the cheese from boiling. The immediacy of it keeps you present and engaged in that moment as the best celebrations do." Molly's also honed a homemade version so she can get her fix even when she's back in Los Angeles - where she's also perfected the art of streamlined jewelry for her line, MM Druck. READ MORE
Eat This

5 Wineries Worth a Dreamy North Fork Day Trip

Eat This BY katie nave freeman 04/04/2019
Cover channing daughters winery
The North Fork of Long Island may have become a buzzy weekend destination for New Yorkers in recent years, but Lucie Wawryk was onto the beachy region's charms long, long ago. "I am a native of the East End of Long Island, and my family has deep generational roots here. My father owned a restaurant right on Main Street in Sag Harbor that my family lived above for a lot of my life," remembers Lucie, who now runs her own business, the jewelry line Concrete Collective, from Sag Harbor, on the island's South Fork, too. She's also an expert in the best vineyards to sip chilled rosé with stunning views - after all, as she says, "Wine and the North Fork are two of my great loves." READ MORE

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