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Hone Your Craft

Hone Your Craft

Take a Walking Tour of the Most Photogenic Spots in L.A.’s Silverlake ‘Hood

Hone Your Craft BY jasmine respess 08/01/2019
Cover 1  2
"Since moving to L.A., I have more time to look at the things around me, and I have noticed beauty in what seem like mundane things," says Emily Reside, who creates linear ceramics under the name Emmeline Ceramics and made her way west in 2018 after a good, long stint in New York. "When we first came out here, I couldn't imagine living anywhere but Silverlake." Her work is an ode to California in vibrant colors and eclectic forms. Emily and her husband Alex Reside are both super-talented photographers, so Emily took us a photo tour of the spots she heads to straightaway when she needs some fresh material. READ MORE
Hone Your Craft

The Coolest, Hardiest Indoor Plants—and How to Keep Them Alive

Hone Your Craft 07/05/2019
Cover jordan whitt 8ht4d5vx3no unsplash
The ceramicist Heather Stewart Harvey doesn't just shape her own gorgeous pots and vases - she's also deeply knowledgeable about the living things that go inside them (like, "she should probably have a TED Talk about plants by now" kind of knowledgeable). In addition to being a diehard outdoor gardener, Heather has a house in Maine full of indoor specimen - one of which has been in her family for around seventy years! - and all sorts of solid ideas for branching out from the basic varieties you know and love. Here's that list, plus some simple, sensible tips for keeping them thriving. READ MORE
Hone Your Craft

Make Your Own Easy, Shelter-Mag-Worthy Hanging Leather Plant Holder

Hone Your Craft BY katie nave freeman 05/28/2019
Cover image2
Analisa Jimenez produces the leather bags for her line Marloe in Long Beach, California, as sustainably as possible - which includes using up the scraps from every collection. Recently, she began hosting community workshops to help others make treasures out of what would otherwise be trash. When the owner of a local plant shop, Rolling Greens, heard that Analisa was sitting on a stock of leather leftovers, they decided a plant hanger tutorial was in order, and you can get in on the virtual version below. READ MORE
Hone Your Craft

How to Make Frame-Worthy Collages Like a Multimedia Artist

Hone Your Craft 05/14/2019
Cover collage 1
Sara Ritz has never met an art project that she hasn't wanted to tackle - and though running Freundeskreis Goods involves plenty of hands-on ceramics work, she de-compresses by constructing something else: vibrant collage creations. As she says, "Making them is quite therapeutic for me because I unplug my brain and just cut, paste, and see what happens." Despite her low-key approach, the results are extremely profesh. Here's how to follow her lead. READ MORE

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