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Hone Your Craft

Hone Your Craft

How Learning Ceramics Helped This Designer Survive Her Morning Sickness

Hone Your Craft BY courtney conway 02/21/2019
Cover szeki ceramics 10
Szeki Chan, the Brooklyn-based clothing designer behind the laid-back, drapey linen and wool looks of 7115 by Szeki, always has plenty of creative work on her plate. But while she was expecting her first son, Cody, she found herself looking for a new meditative hobby to help distract her from her intense morning sickness. She ended up in her local ceramics studio and instantly became hooked - she even bought herself a wheel so she could throw at home every morning. Now, over one hundred mugs, dishes, and plates later, she's here to share how the experience turned her into a firm believer in the art of slowing down - especially while pregnant. READ MORE
Hone Your Craft

A Conceptual Artist on Embracing the Joys of Object-Arranging

Hone Your Craft BY liz 02/07/2019
Cover of a kind jan 24 19518
"I don't necessarily think of myself a ceramicist. I think of myself as an artist who happens to make ceramics," says Erica Prince by way of explaining how she ended up developing a line of mind-bending, sculptural vessels. A printmaker and painter, Erica's also dabbled in performance art with a series of transformational makeovers, designed to help the subjects explore all the different facets of their personalities through makeup and wigs. Here, Erica spills on how she thinks about art, styling tips, and a whole lot more. READ MORE
Hone Your Craft

See How the Sea Influences This Jeweler’s Work

Hone Your Craft 01/10/2019
Cover beach 3
Designer Savannah Watson is a master turning at what she sees in nature into whimsical, elegant jewelry. Since she grew up on North Carolina's coast and now makes her home in Wilmington, the ocean has always been a big part of that, and her line Merewif is the benefactor. We caught up with the soon-to-be new mom and got the complete lowdown on how she translates what she sees into what she makes. READ MORE
Hone Your Craft

How to Keep Your Cooking Casual—and Still Worthy of a Dinner Party

Hone Your Craft 11/20/2018
Cover img 1115 2
Jacqueline Rose is a busy lady - she spends much of time designing and producing her line of sculptural statement jewelry in sunny L.A. But when she needs a break, she cooks for herself or, better even, invites a few friends over for one of her legendary dinner parties. Her go-to dishes are unfussy, fresh, and best prepared with a glass of wine by your side. Bet you're ready to follow her lead, huh? READ MORE
Hone Your Craft

An Advanced Guide to Gardening (With Plenty of Weirdo Plants)

Hone Your Craft 11/13/2018
Cover heatherharvey brenphotography 005
The story of how Heather Stewart Harvey fell in love with gardening goes a little something like this, as she tells it: "I was living in San Francisco's Mission and renting a work-live space with a backyard that was really quite a disaster in many ways. My grandmother was a big gardener, so taking up her hobby made me feel close to her - and I just really took a lot of pride of place in this little postage-stamp garden." Things really bloomed when she moved to Asheville, North Carolina, over a decade ago, got a real yard to work with, and threw herself into seed-saving and sheet-mulching. Here, her five pieces of advice for anyone who's ready to move way beyond a raised flower bed. READ MORE

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