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Inside Job

Inside Job

10 Interior Tricks We Nabbed from Designer Studio and Home Tours

Inside Job BY kiara mills 01/02/2018
Cover studioshots 4  1
It's safe to assume that someone who makes, say, the most charming pinch pots or stop-ya-in-your-tracks silver necklaces takes the same kind of care when putting together a home or studio. And the spaces we toured in 2017 - though open and airy - were packed with brilliant ideas. Behold: ten genius interior tips we picked up from designers this year, all ready to thwart any wintertime cabin fever. READ MORE
Inside Job

The Portland, Maine, Apartment We'd Like to Call Home

Inside Job BY courtney conway 12/06/2017
Cover cmb ofakind 7
If you're following Chloe May Brown on Instagram - which you should definitely be doing - your feed will not only be blessed with loads of minimalist, ceramics pics, but also a few sneak peeks of her Portland, Maine, space that'll leave you wanting more. Well, she (and her two cats) gave us the ultimate tour of her one bedroom apartment where she finds most of her inspiration, and, long story short, it's pure bliss. Keep on scrollin' to see what we mean. READ MORE
Inside Job

How to Set up Your Workspace Like a Feng Shui Pro

Inside Job BY courtney conway 08/24/2017
Cover 7r0a0267
We're all about making our desks look lovely - see our new batch of unreasonably chic office supplies for proof - but what about how they feel? It's something that Susan Chan of Feng Shui Creative (who's a certified feng shui master!) takes super seriously because - guess what? - everything from layout to color choices can affect your productivity. So ready your journal for her seven tips for leveling-up your TCOB area - they're definitely noteworthy. READ MORE
Inside Job

How to Shop for Vintage Home Finds Without Getting Intimidated

Inside Job BY aleksa brown 08/24/2017
Cover repurposed bathroom shelf  2
"It's easy to decorate your house in one fell swoop, but if you take the time to treasure hunt and slowly fill your space with meaningful, well-crafted items, you won't regret it," promises the Portland-based jeweler Natalie Joy, who abides by a slow-'n-steady, vintage-fueled approach instead. And she sure knows here stuff: This is what it takes to navigate the world of estate sales and thrift stores with a purpose, according to her. READ MORE
Inside Job

How to Style Your Home Like an Indie Design Store

Inside Job BY liz 07/26/2017
Cover screen shot 2017 07 18 at 1.20.30 pm
Visual merchandising might sound majorly official, but it's really just the process of mixing-and-matching objects so they're at their most appealing. But that doesn't mean it's totally intuitive - unless you're Urte Tyalite, the brains behind Still House, the East Village's airiest, coziest little shop (and also a stunning, sculptural line of diamond-tipped cuffs, necklaces, and earrings by the same name). Here's how the interiors whiz makes #shelfie-worthy displays - and, heyo, how you can, too. READ MORE

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