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Inside Job

Inside Job

8 Brilliant Design Lessons from Our Designers’ Stunning Spaces

Inside Job BY hannah mcintosh 12/20/2018
Cover painted mary nicolaparisi 1139
You don't have to be a creative whiz to create a totally dreamy and style-infused space, but it helps when the experts show you how it's done. We took a trip down memory lane to knock, once again, on the doors of the amazing homes and studios we got to visit in 2018. Let these eight tips get you jazzed to freshen up your own space - seriously, you might want to bookmark this page. READ MORE
Inside Job

What It’s like to Renovate a Gorgeous French Farmhouse

Inside Job BY katie nave freeman 12/14/2018
Cover home
So, how often do you dream of running away to a French countryside? Because after burning-out on the demands of simultaneously owning a storefront in Salt Lake City and frequently jet-setting to India for her handmade jewelry line, Ida James actually followed through on that vision in 2017. Thanks to leisurely summer trips she'd taken, she knew La Croisille-sur-Briance in the Limousin region was just the place for her to slow things waaay down with her husband Adam and pre-teen twins. Their first undertaking: renovating a hundreds-year-old stone house and studio, which, Ida admits, wasn't the most relaxing way to spend their first year. But, hey, that's all part of the adventure. READ MORE
Inside Job

Inside the Unfussy, Essentials-Only Home of One Super Creative Couple

Inside Job 11/29/2018
Cover ist65 jng6yl jessie webster for
Lindsey Mortensen, who designs brilliantly simple bags under the name Larsen & Lund, is an expert when it comes to maximizing small spaces. Along with her husband, musician and podcast host Hrishikesh Hirway, Lindsey has managed to make their 900-square-foot Eagle Rock home feel like an airy and spacious SoCal paradise. This minimalist duo agreed early on to only bring things into their space that they truly love, and they are very thoughtful when it comes to deciding what makes the cut. "Luckily, Hrishikesh and I have a pretty similar aesthetics when it comes to interiors. When there's a change or upgrade, we have loads of Pinterest and Houzz boards that we share," says Lindsey. Here's how and why they made the calls they did. READ MORE
Inside Job

Behind the Scenes at a Dreamy Japanese Farm and Weaving House

Inside Job BY kiara mills 10/04/2018
Cover shoplab 01
Niime Tamaki didn't have to move to central Japan to start her line of wispy, striped scarves, but it tells you a whole lot about her that she chose to launch her line in the geographic region where similar textiles were made historically. That's because Niime doesn't do anything halfway - including founding a factory. Since she opened the doors in the early aughts, the Tamaki Niime studio in Nishiwaki (about a three-hour train trip from Kyoto) has become a hub for the local community, where employees grow everything from cotton they'll eventually weave to the fresh vegetables they serve in the on-site restaurant. Scroll on for a tour that will make you both wanderlusty and hungry. READ MORE

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