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Get Outta Town

Get Outta Town

Galicia, Spain, Is Full of Historic Sights Worth Planning Your Vacation Around

Get Outta Town BY courtney conway 08/09/2019
Cover cies 1
Though the food and drink of Galicia, Spain, are obvious draws - hello, tetilla cheese, outrageously good octopus, and ribeiro wine - Joanna Bengoa, the jewelry designer behind the line Nishi who spent part of her childhood in the region and now visits every summer, has another sell. She makes a strong case for the natural earth formations and ancient churches being the biggest draw, and she gave us the lowdown on all the sights (and sites!) she likes to hit up whenever she's there. READ MORE
Get Outta Town

Tackle a Rocky Mountain Hiking Trip with This Texas Designer

Get Outta Town BY katie nave freeman 07/24/2019
Cover wl5
The ceramic artist Wyatt Little prefers his Houston studio to most places in the world, but being on an epic, out-in-nature adventure is a close second. "I usually have to be dragged out of my studio for a vacation, but I'll happily drop everything and drive 18 hours to head to the mountains," says Wyatt. Here's his helpful - and plenty inspiring - recap of a recent trip to the Rocky Mountains so you too can hit new heights. READ MORE
Get Outta Town

How This Designer Closed Up Shop and Took a 13-Month Trip Around the World

Get Outta Town 05/09/2019
Cover day1
Stefani Stoyanof, the jetsetting jeweler behind Swim to the Moon, doesn't do anything small. She and her husband Marco were splitting their time between Greece and Texas when they decided to take an epic trip - which turned into a 13-month journey around the globe - before the pair settled full-time in Athens. "It's not an easy decision to leave your comforts behind to enter a world of uncertainty, but we found ourselves needing a break from the day-to-day monotony," explains Stefani, who ended the trek with plenty of new ideas for her line and a fresh appreciation for artisans everywhere. Here's how she made it happen. READ MORE
Get Outta Town

How to Make the Very Most of a Drive up the West Coast

Get Outta Town BY kiara mills 04/11/2019
Cover marionwild 1
For Katie Glenn, running her clay-and-metal-based jewelry line Marionwild involves packing up and taking the show on the road - and that also makes for a great excuse to get out to some wide open spaces. "Last summer, I had two trade shows: one in San Francisco and one in Seattle," Katie explains. "So my boyfriend and I went on a road trip, trying to combine work and vacation. The trip's 916 miles took us roughly 22 hours." Here's how the pair turned a long-haul drive into a summer vacay worth writing home about. READ MORE
Get Outta Town

An Oregon Designer’s Guide to the Perfect Day Outside—and the Nonprofits That Keep The State Beautiful

Get Outta Town BY hannah mcintosh 02/05/2019
Cover columbia gorge 2
Like so many native Oregonians, Kristen Robison, who designs the minimalist and timeless jewelry line Minoux, will talk your ear off about how great her home state is. To her, Oregon's inextricable connection between forest and ocean is tied to "a long tradition of working to protect the land and all it provides us. It can be easy to miss how this work has preserved things that make Portland stand out today." We asked Kristen to give us a little rundown of the can't-be-missed scenic spots for outdoor adventure and a little background on the organizations that keep this region looking - and feeling - so good. READ MORE

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