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Get Outta Town

Get Outta Town

How to Get Comfortable Traveling Outside Your Comfort Zone

Get Outta Town 12/04/2018
Cover scosha travels 1
Scosha Woolridge first sold jewelry at a night market in Jericoacoara, Brazil, on the same post-college backpacking trip would ultimately land her in Brooklyn."When I first started traveling, there were no smartphones," says the Aussie. "When you were waiting in line somewhere, you weren't on your phone. My mind had so much more space to get inspired." Her around-the-world journey in the age of the overpriced internet cafe has informed not only her art and aesthetic but also the way she still travels. Basically, Scosha is the one you want in your corner when it comes to planning off-the-beaten-path trips and finding authenticity. The key? Learn to let go. Here's how. READ MORE
Get Outta Town

Tag Along on a Three City Tour of Peru

Get Outta Town BY katie nave freeman 09/27/2018
Cover peru236  1
Silverlake-based designer Maria Stanley spends her work days close to home, sketching new outerwear ideas in her spare-room studio. But she recently took a far-flung research trip that did double duty. "A friend of mine suggested that I attend the Perú Moda trade show in Peru to find artisans there to collaborate with, so I went for it! My boyfriend ended up coming with me, and, once the work was over, we turned it into a mini-vacay," she says. Follow along - and maybe start planning a getaway of your own? - below. READ MORE
Get Outta Town

4 Tips for Having Your Trips in the Bag

Get Outta Town 09/12/2018
Cover kozha paris copy
Sure, Lena Vasilenko and Ilona Gerasimov travel to get new ideas for their bag line Kozha Numbers, but they also do it to road-, plane-, and train-test their roomy totes and passport-size clutches. In the process, they've learned a lot about what works - and what doesn't - when leaving town, and Ilona's here to share their savvy. READ MORE
Get Outta Town

How to Feel at Home Wherever You Go

Get Outta Town BY katie nave freeman 09/11/2018
Cover italyhome
For Miki Nora Christopherson, home isn't a place - it's a feeling. The designer honed her sculptural jewelry skills bouncing from Japan to Michigan to NYC and, now, to Florence. "Each time I've moved, I've started from zero. I didn't take friends and always went by myself. This allowed me to meet so many kinds of people," shares Miki. "Being alone and observing really took me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to open up." While this sounds insanely romantic, it can also be totally intimidating. Below, Miki lets us in on what it takes to relocate and build a new community. READ MORE

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