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Family Matters

Family Matters

This is What Co-Founding a Business with Your Mom Looks Like

Family Matters BY chloe marmet 05/24/2017
Cover kstudio story
When artist Shelly Klein decided to switch gears from being a painter to launching her own textiles biz, she know there was only one person she'd want for a co-CEO - her mom, Mary Klein, who already had decades of experience managing furniture production under her belt. Now, while Shelly's busy designing, Mary manages the nitty-gritty details of turning those sketches into canvas pouches, wall art, and pillowcases with dang charming, stitched-on motifs. How do they manage their relationship, though? We asked Shelly what it's like to be work equals with someone who taught her how to be in the world in the first place. READ MORE
Family Matters

How One Designer Pays Tribute to Her Trio of Badass Sisters

Family Matters BY jane gauger 11/29/2016
Cover winden 1
Let's hear it for cool sister acts - think the Brontës, the Mitfords, and the Olsens. And you better add Becca Mapes and her three hip-as-they-come siblings to the list. The crew has been influencing her style since back in the day - "In high school, you never wanted to repeat your outfits, so there was a lot of closet-sharing going on!" says Becca. Now they've each got a namesake piece in her jewelry line Winden - so why don't we get to know the very accomplished muses and the designs created for them, huh? READ MORE
Family Matters

One Aesthetically Minded Mom on Prepping for a New Baby

Family Matters 11/16/2016
Cover baby and b w toy
As a textile pro who specializes in bringing graphic shapes to cuddly blankets and pillows, Savannah Hayes was uniquely qualified to knock her new-mom shopping outta the park. Now that little girl Lola has arrived, we asked her for her short list of the stuff worth stocking-up on. "My biggest advice is just to have fun with it!" she says. "There's no shortage of beautifully designed baby items out there. And I love reading Mother and following Sarah Sherman Samuel for more design ideas." Here's how to dive in or, ya know, take baby steps. READ MORE
Family Matters

Andrew McAteer’s Very Design-Centric Family Ties

Family Matters BY leah bhabha 03/01/2016
Cover great great grandfather  in carriage
"I have this motivation to design, which is kind of a recurring theme across the generations," says Andrew McAteer, who handmakes clean, precise leather and canvas goods. "I feel like it's in my blood." We have that same feeling - largely because this old soul was born into a family of fifth-generation New York tradesmen. Allow him to present the evidence, in the form of family folklore and artifacts. READ MORE

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