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Thing Of Beauty

Thing of Beauty

Science-Based Advice for Banishing Split Ends and Soothing Damaged Strands

Thing of Beauty BY courtney conway 07/19/2019
Cover paigecheyne cycleearrings 5
There's a pretty good chance you're currently battling at least some frayed or broken hair as you read this. Historically, those were problems that could be temporarily covered up, but long-term solutions (other than chopping it all off!) were elusive. Hey, not anymore! We got all the hairy details on preventing and dealing with split ends and less-than-ideal texture from Dustin Smith, a hair stylist and educator over at Virtue Labs, a line that relies on heavy-duty research into keratin protein that naturally occurs in our bodies. READ MORE
Thing of Beauty

All the Ways to Use Concealer Right from Top L.A. Makeup Artists

Thing of Beauty BY courtney conway 07/03/2019
Cover rdf etherialveil naiad 5
While we are all for embracing the skin you're in, we also know what a drag it is when undereye circles and zits just won't quit. Luckily, the mystical sister trio behind the stand-out makeup line Rituel de Fille has introduced their first concealer, an otherworldly, all-in-one complexion perfector called The Ethereal Veil. As creators of the L.A.-based brand, Michelle, Caroline, and Katherine Ramos spent years figuring out the formula, which can be used a whole range of ways, inspired by Michelle and Caroline's time spent glamming up the likes of Evan Rachel Wood and Emily Ratajkowski. Read on for Katherine's concealer tips that just won't quit. READ MORE
Thing of Beauty

How This Designer Gets Skin so Glowy Strangers Ask for Her Routine

Thing of Beauty BY courtney conway 03/22/2019
Cover ig feb edas 2
Sade Mims, who spends her days creating eclectic jewelry and accessories for her New York-based line Edas, has the kind of complexion that causes people to demand her skincare routine. But achieving this traffic-stopping glow has taken work: Her skin tends to get oily in the hotter months and much drier in the cooler months, and she's built out her climate-combatting routine accordingly. Of course, we were extremely interested in seeing what we might be able to adopt into our own regimens, and Sade was down to go deep. READ MORE
Thing of Beauty

How One Designer Learned to Take Care of Herself

Thing of Beauty BY katie nave freeman 07/17/2018
Cover studio meditation
A self-professed workaholic, Kristen Elspeth has spent years hustling to grow her line of delicate, intricate jewelry - and not so much time taking care of herself. But when her health took a nosedive recently, the L.A.-based bosslady decided to put some time into (you guessed it) self care (and getting a new beagle puppy named Rei didn't hurt, either). Here's what made the biggest impact for her - and though nothing works for everybody, seeing someone else's routine in action never hurts. READ MORE

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