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Thing Of Beauty

Thing of Beauty

The French Woman’s Guide to Going Full California Girl

Thing of Beauty 03/09/2018
Cover valerie
What happens when a skincare maven trades in the City of Light for the City of Angels? For Parisian Valerié Grandury, it meant combining her inherent love of a fresh face with the fresh-air, outdoorsy vibe of Southern California and translating it all into a line of matcha-based cleansers and neroli hydrating sprays for her line Odacité. In addition to having fantastic skin, Valerié also really seems to be living her best life in Topanga Canyon, where she consults with all sorts of star clients on nutrition and skincare - so we asked her to give us the lowdown on how she developed a beauty philosophy that works worldwide. READ MORE
Thing of Beauty

Everything This Curly-Haired Queen Uses to Keep Her Locks Lookin’ Fine

Thing of Beauty BY courtney conway 01/09/2018
Cover hair 1
Brooklyn jeweler Sofia Ramsay is no slouch when it comes to making a personal statement - just see her collection of kickass leather chokers and bracelets for proof. And that extends beyond accessories all the way to the ends of her gorgeously tousled curls, which she somehow bleaches, buns, and blows-out without messing up their bouncy shine. We had to know how she does it, clearly. READ MORE
Thing of Beauty

How to Pick a Perfume—and Get Its Scent to Stick Around

Thing of Beauty BY courtney conway 11/11/2017
Cover maisonlouismarie header
As if landing on a scent you actually like that doesn't smell too much like candy/campfires/your mom isn't hard enough, there's also a whole world of weird vocab words to navigate (what is "dry down," anyway?). But it's all second nature to Marie du Petit Thouars, the founder of Maison Louis Marie, whose musky-sweet-refreshing concoctions are inspired by her famous French botanist ancestor and gardening-obsessed mother. Which is all to say: Her tips for finding your way around eau de toilette are nothing to stiff at. READ MORE
Thing of Beauty

How To Tell When Your All-Natural Beauty Products Have Expired (and Make ‘Em Last Even Longer)

Thing of Beauty BY courtney conway 10/27/2017
Cover batch 7 x jys 7
Preservative-free body products are the (bath) bomb, but ever wonder if that D.I.Y. olive oil scrub that's been sitting in your shower for a good couple of months is still okay to use? It's a topic Jessica Morelli, the founder of the small-batch skincare line Palermo takes extremely seriously, and she's here to tell you how to know when that turmeric face mask is officially trash. READ MORE
Thing of Beauty

Skin-Whisperer Joanna Vargas Will Teach You to Master the At-Home Facial

Thing of Beauty BY courtney conway 10/05/2017
Cover mask 2
Come on now: Who doesn't want to give their complexion a boost? And we all want the help of Joanna Vargas, who regularly tends the cheeks and chins of Julianne Moore and Rachel Weisz. She also has some news: "At-home facials are trending - more women are doing rituals once a week to care for themselves." On that note, here's her guide to getting a Met Ball-ready glow, without having to actually go anywhere. READ MORE

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