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Listen Up: The Co-Founders of Squeeze on Leveling-Up Their Work-Wife Relationship

Listen Up 04/22/2019
Cover afewthings hero1752
Today's ep features our very first live taping, coming to you from sunny L.A.! Our guests kicked off their relationship on the job when Drybar co-founder Alli Webb hired Brittany Driscoll to work as the brand's head of marketing. Fast forward to now, and the pair have co-created a whole new biz called Squeeze, a just-opened massage shop that aims to do for massages what Drybar did for blowouts. Listen in as they break down the evolution of their personal-professional bond. READ MORE
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Listen Up: Loss and Community-Building with the Founders of The Dinner Party

Listen Up 04/09/2019
Cover afewthings hero1732
Lennon Flowers and Carla Fernandez are here to discuss their work-wife partnership and their incredible non-profit The Dinner Party, which facilitates a series of potlucks around the country to support people in their twenties and thirties who have experienced a major loss. They're also full of great advice for how to avoid clamming up when someone close to you is going through something hard. Really, we're here for anything and everything they have to share. READ MORE
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Listen Up: How Two Pop-Culture-Obsessed Friends Built @commentsbycelebs

Listen Up BY hannah mcintosh 03/25/2019
Cover afewthings hero1712
Even if you're not up on your celebrity gossip, you've probably seen a post from @commentsbybelebs, the now famous in its own right Instagram account that highlights all the hilarious chatter between, say, J-Lo and Ellen in the comments section. Today, Claire and Erica sit down with Emma Diamond and Julie Kramer, the pop-culture queens behind this brilliance, who dish on judging the merits of online clapbacks, DMing celebrities, and how building a brand brought them closer as friends. READ MORE

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