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The Insider

The Insider: Claire Carusillo

The Insider BY kaylen ralph 06/16/2017
Cover claire carusillo
There may not be anyone doing more to push the boundaries of newsletters than Claire Carusillo, the well-moisturized mastermind behind the bonkers, overwhelmingly weird and wonderful weekly missive That Wet Look. Ostensibly organized around beauty reviews, the roundup pokes much-needed fun at beauty trends and includes friendly reminders that "it's all just Vaseline, anyway," along with at least one GIF of the author eating yogurt. Here's more of Claire's wisdom, which she found time to dole out between writing other snort-worthy snippets and studying for her fiction MFA. READ MORE
The Insider

The Insider: Sandeep Salter

The Insider BY kaylen ralph 06/08/2017
Cover sandeep salter
If you've ever been lucky enough to stumble upon two of New York's most magical storefronts, Picture Room and Goods for the Study, you've interacted with the genius that is Sandeep Salter. The bibliophile Brit was working as a buyer at the famed McNally Jackson bookstore when she had the idea for a new kind of curated shop - well, actually, two: one devoted to art and one devoted to the dreamiest stationery and notebooks on the planet. So she partnered with her boss to make them real, and three years later, she's gone solo, taking Picture Room to the next level in a new spacious spot in Brooklyn Heights. Clearly, you need to visit, but in the meantime… READ MORE
The Insider

The Insider: Ruby Tucker

The Insider BY liz 04/28/2017
Cover 15894360 1522872604393842 1502955866547043539 n
Not to toot our own horn or anything (jk, we're blasting it), but we pride ourselves on our A+ customer service. You'd think the woman behind it all was born to it because Ruby Tucker is one of the most charming, delightful humans we've ever met - and she's got pretty kickass style, too. We thought we'd take a moment to at least try to convey the glowy vibe of this Parsons student, California native, and all-around ray of sunshine. READ MORE
The Insider

The Insider: Bea Koch

The Insider BY mattie kahn 04/06/2017
Cover bea koch
Even if you read romance novels, Bea Koch assumes you don't talk much about it. She was once like you, stashing the books under her bed in favor of "serious" literature (which she consumed plenty of at Yale, thank you very much). But then she came to her senses. She realized that romance novels are some of the most bomb-ass feminist texts out there. She wrote her NYU grad-school thesis about them. She shouted her love for them from the rooftops. Pretty soon, she and her sister, Lea, were sketching plans to open The Ripped Bodice, the nation's first romance-only bookstore, in L.A. And, reader, they lived happily ever after. READ MORE
The Insider

The Insider: Kristina Dechter

The Insider 03/31/2017
Cover kristina dechter
Kristina Dechter's racked-up some pretty remarkable work experience - editor-in-chief of Cali-girl magazine Foam, contributing editor at Paper, style editor for Time Out New York - but maybe the most interesting part is that all that's bookended by two (very different) gigs at Urban Outfitters. She first pulled dressing room shifts while attending Tufts University, and today, she's the brand's director of marketing partnerships and special projects. Clearly, we need to know everything - hello, "special projects?!" - and to ask Kristina where she hangs in Philly, course. READ MORE

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