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Get Outta Town

How This Perfume Master Recharges in the Marfa High Desert

Get Outta Town BY marissa hoffman 09/20/2019
Cover frayardens ashleynorthcompton portrait by emma rogers 3
Ash Compton loves to go off the grid, so whenever she needs a reboot, she heads from Dallas to her house in Marfa, Texas, where she developed her fragrance brand Fray Ardens in 2017. Though she's a regular visitor these days and not a full-time resident, Ash credits the place with keeping her creativity flowing. "Splitting my time between the high desert of Marfa and city life of Dallas has made the battery-charging benefits of Marfa all the more present to my psyche," says Ash. Here's what she does when she lands in the otherworldly, artsy, outdoorsy haven. READ MORE
Inside Job

How to Create a Chill—but Productive—Office Vibe

Inside Job BY courtney conway 09/17/2019
Cover winsome store 2 067 copy
Though working hard isn't going outta style anytime soon, there's definitely a conversation happening about prioritizing better work-life balance. It's something the founder of the handsewn Minneapolis clothing line Winsome Goods, Kathryn Sieve, has spent a lot of time thinking and talking about with her small team recently, and we're very much here to hear her boss advice on how to get everything done while emphasizing the other things that matter, too. READ MORE
Got It Made

See What These Nepalese Textiles Mean to the People Who Weave Them

Got It Made 09/13/2019
Cover 3
When Anjali Purohit started her Detroit-based textile line, Variously, she was looking for a way to support artisans in Gujarat, India, where she was born and raised, after it was hit with a massive earthquake. As her business has grown, so has her network of makers around the world, including a group of traditional weavers in Nepal. What does it mean to further a generational craft and to be able to support a family doing so? Anjali put together a documentary project so that the artisans (who have chosen not to give their names) can share for themselves. READ MORE
Got It Made

How to Make an Outdoor Oasis—and Then Make the Most of It

Got It Made BY katie nave freeman 09/10/2019
Cover after 3
After moving back to her home state of California a few years ago, the jewelry designer Jaclyn Mayer decided to renovate part of her Oakland home, basically becoming her own general contractor. And that's when things started getting really complicated. "I found out in the middle of the project that I was pregnant with my second child and realized that if anything was getting updated, it was now or never," she says. "So we ended up gut-renovating the whole thing." The final - and most important - piece of the puzzle was creating a backyard refuge with enough space for entertaining adults and little ones alike. Here's how Jaclyn made what's on the outside count as much as what's on the inside. READ MORE

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