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Key to the City

A Textile Lover’s Guide to Oaxaca, Mexico

Key to the City BY aleksa brown 03/14/2018
Cover hierveelagua crop
You know how every now and then a locale seems to magically become the agreed-on destination for all the cool, creative people you know? Well, right now Oaxaca seems to be peaking, thanks to its majestic natural landscape and deep artisanal traditions in clay, weaving, and cooking. And for NYC-based textile artist Kiva Motnyk of Thompson Street Studio (i.e., one such cool, creative person), it's also a place to connect with craftspeople. "I go to Mexico about once a year, and I recently I went to Oaxaca to gather inspiration and see how the traditional textiles were made," she says. "It was incredible - the weaving artisans really integrate their work life with their home life, which is very much how I work when I'm in my studio upstate." Below, see what she saw in this stunner of a city. READ MORE
Thing of Beauty

The French Woman’s Guide to Going Full California Girl

Thing of Beauty 03/09/2018
Cover valerie
What happens when a skincare maven trades in the City of Light for the City of Angels? For Parisian Valerié Grandury, it meant combining her inherent love of a fresh face with the fresh-air, outdoorsy vibe of Southern California and translating it all into a line of matcha-based cleansers and neroli hydrating sprays for her line Odacité. In addition to having fantastic skin, Valerié also really seems to be living her best life in Topanga Canyon, where she consults with all sorts of star clients on nutrition and skincare - so we asked her to give us the lowdown on how she developed a beauty philosophy that works worldwide. READ MORE
Hone Your Craft

The Ultimate Guide to Shopping for Comfy (and Never Frumpy) Shoes

Hone Your Craft 03/07/2018
Cover 1
For all the Sex and the City mythology that surrounds it, shopping for shoes is actually less fantasy sequence than often-frustrating exercise in trying to predict if those cute boots you're eyeing might end up inflicting blisters, pinched toes, or sore soles. And how do you know if they'll stretch out? Eree Kim has considered every possible burning shoe Q in her quest to make Hopp, her line of supportive-but-stylish footwear and sleek leather goods. So put your feet up and let her show you exactly what to look for. READ MORE

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