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Who Are We?

Claire Mazur

Claire grew up in Wilmington, Delaware, and has an inordinate amount of second-smallest-state pride. Her first foray into the fashion industry came at age 16 when, after a chance encounter with Donna Karan, she landed a summer internship at DKNY. Claire’s AOL screenname at the time was DKNYClaire, so this was a really big deal. During college at University of Chicago, Claire shifted her focus to the arts more broadly, receiving her masters in arts management from Columbia University and working for art collections and organizations as well as individual artists. Wanting to incorporate fashion into her work once again, Claire saw an opportunity to assist designers as she had artists, creating innovative ways for them to share their work with a passionate, engaged community.

Erica Cerulo

Erica grew up in Peoria, Illinois, and relied on magazines to get a fashion fix in a place that wasn’t exactly the style capital of anywhere. During her time at University of Chicago, she discovered her love of editorial, and, with plenty of internships under her belt, made the scary move to New York, landing a job at Details magazine and spending five years as an editor there before making the transition to Lucky. During her tenure in print publishing, Erica became inspired and excited to tell the stories of designers in a new way and in a fresh environment. Her writing has also appeared in The New York Times, InStyle, Good, and ReadyMade.

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